Richard J. O'Melia Collection: Articles III

  1. "Loyalty of Clerks and other Persons Employed by Government."
    Date: January 28, 1862.
    Author: Richard J. O'Melia.
    Published for/in: (?)
    Content: The Committee appointed by the speaker, in pursuance of a resolution adopted by the House of Representatives on the 8th day of July last, "to ascertain and report to the House the number of persons, with the names thereof, now employed in the several departments of the Government, who are known to entertain sentiments of hostility to the Government of the United States, and those who refused to take the oath to support the Constitution of the United States," with authority to send for persons and papers, beg leave to report in part.

  2. "Statements from Original Communist Sources on the Necessity of Penetrating the Army and Military Establishment."
    Date: 1934-36
    Author: (?)
    Published for/in: (?)
    Content: A list of statements by different communist sources.

  3. "Schedule Of Senator Joe McCarthy"
    Date: October 20.
    Author: (?)
    Published for/in: (?)
    Content: A schedule for Senator Joe McCarthy.

  4. "Harley M. Kilgore"
    Date: July 1, 1943- June 30, 1944.
    Author: Secretary of the Senate.
    Published for/in: (?)
    Content: Pg. 711 shows that Kramer received reimbursement for expenses in amount of $21.18 on June 13, 1944, incurred as consultant to the Subcommittee on Military Affairs pursuant to resolution of the Senate adopted on December 21, 1943.

  5. "On This Date..."
    Date: August 17 and 22, 1953..
    Author: (?)
    Published for/in: (?)
    Content: Information on Don and his bodyguard Dick's whereabouts, on August 17 and 22.

  6. "Proposal to Operate Senate Restaurant Facilities."
    Date: July 1, 1943- June 30, 1944.
    Author: William C. McCabe.
    Published for/in: Senator Joe McCarthy.
    Content: "I most respectfully request that I be considered for award of the contract to operate the restaurant facilities in the Senate wing of the Capital Building and in the Senate Office Building when the present contract expires on June 30th of this year."

  7. "It Is In The Interest Of All Golfing Members To Read This Announcement Carefully."
    Date: (?)
    Author: E. F. H. Dutton. (Chairman, Golf Committee)
    Published for/in: B, L, and W Members.
    Content: Times the members of each class can play at the Golf course.

  8. "Brownell asked me about a critical biography..."
    Date: (?)
    Author: (?)
    Published for/in: (?)
    Content: Brownell asked me about a critical biography then being written by Dan Williams, former New York newspaperman, who intensely hated Dewey. Brownell asked me to find out the highlights in the book, sources of information and especially what publishing house was considering the book. He said Dewey was very upset about the book.

  9. "For The Record."
    Date: February 13, 1954.
    Author: Junius.
    Published for/in: The record.
    Content: Senator McCarthy was officially advised, on this date, by the F.B.I. per his request, of the conclusion and findings of their investigation on the death of Maj. E. H. Armstrong. Negative Negative. The report submitted last year by Dave Schine on Armstrong was later expanded to some degree by Joe as usual. Subject report was delivered to Carr this A M and confirmed Carr's opinion of last year that Armstrong was rapidly turning into a metal case. The report was confidential and contained usual ref. to extreme despondency and confirmed the suicide causes.

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