Richard J. O'Melia Collection: Articles II

  1. "The Chinese Communist Movement: 1919-1945, Volume I"

  2. Date: 1945 or later
    Author: (?)
    Published for/in: (?)
    Content: Reports on Chinese Communism, it's history, how it functions currently, and it's threat to the free world.
  3. "The Chinese Communist Movement"

  4. Date: July 5, 1945
    Author: Military Intelligence Service
    Published for/in: Military Intelligence Division, War Department
    Content: Reports information gathered and conclusions reached by the Military Intelligence Service's Investigation into Chinese Communism. Conclusions reached include: 1.) The "democracy" of Chinese Communists is Soviet democracy; 2.) The Chinese Communist movement is guided by the Soviets and is a part of Soviet plans to take over North China and Korea; and 3.) it is thus essential that China not be allowed to divide into a Communist sector and a free sector as was done in Europe after World War II.
  5. "Red Radicalism As Described by Its Own Leaders" (photocopy of book)

  6. Date: 1920
    Author: A. Mitchell Palmer
    Published by: Government Printing Office
    Content: A collection of various Communist manifestos, constitutions, and plans.
  7. "Commentary of Edward L. Strohecker, Jr. on 'Wake Up America'"

  8. Date: February 28, 1954
    Author: Edward L. Strohecker, Jr.
    Published for/in: (?)
    Content: Transcript of a broadcast in which Strohecker defends McCarthy against individuals like Eleanor Roosevelt who criticize his methods. Claims that the controversy over McCarthy's methods of investigation is merely a means by which Communists and undercover Communist sympathizers strive to dismantle McCarthy's crusade against them.
  9. "Communist Infiltration of the State Department" (attached handwritten note asks Richard O'Melia to get together a memo as soon as possible)

  10. Date: 1951 or later
    Author: (?)
    Published for/in: (?)
    Content: Recounts the investigation of the State Department by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Congress and the conclusions reached as a result of this investigation, most significantly that the State Department had been infiltrated by undercover Communists. Also recounts and criticizes opposition to McCarthy and his methods from the Truman administration.
  11. "Outline Concerning the German Scientist Program"
    Date: (?)
    Author: (?)
    Published for/in: (?)
    Content: Explains the importance of the United States obtaining the services of German scientists after World War II and the measure that the U.S. government enacted to this end. Describes how convicted Communist Samuel Klaus used his position as representative of the State Department to the Joint Intelligence Objective Agency to disrupt the efforts of this agency to acquire the services of these scientists.

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