Articles I

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "What it Takes to be a Discussion Leader"

  2. Date: (?)
    Author: Charles A. Curran
    Published for/in: (?)
    Content: Outlining, by means of Democratic ideals, the proper way in which a group should function. Discussing the methods a group leader should use in order to reach this level of functionality.
  3. "The Amazing Parallel between the Views of Mike Mansfield."

  4. Date: (?)
    Author: (?)
    Published for/in: (?)
    Content: A compilation of quotes and article excerpts relating the views of congressman Mike Mansfield on Communism in China and foreign relations to such notable Communist people an publications as Earl Browder, Owen Lattimore, and "The Daily Worker."
  5. "A Grammar of American Politics."

  6. Date: (?)
    Author: Samuel J. Kornhauser
    Published for/in: (?)
    Content: Unfavorably reviewing Wilfred E Brinkley's book- A Grammar of American Politics. Proposing that the book was written to turn students against Democratic ideals, and to soften them to those of Socialism.
  7. "The Reform of Higher Education"

  8. Date: (?)
    Author: (?)
    Published for/in: (?)
    Content: describing the "new university system" (aka the liberal arts university), and offering proposals for making this system stronger and more widespread.
  9. "The Mysterious Mr. Hall"

  10. Date: (?)
    Author: (?)
    Published for/in: (?)
    Content: Stating that Mr. Hall (a man who lectured before the Wheaton, Illinois Kiwanis Club) is involved with subversive organizations such as Friends of Democracy, and is out to smear anti-Communists. Discusses the infiltration of Communism into American clergy- especially that of the Unitarian Church.
  11. "Special Report on Communist Propagandist Muriel Lester"

  12. Date: (?)
    Author: (?)
    Published for/in: (?)
    Content: Reporting on a talk given by Muriel Lester (British subject affiliated with the International Fellowship of Reconciliation). Ms. Lester describes a recent visit to Communist China, and details the wonderful changes wrought there since the coming of the Communist party.
  13. "Civil Liberty in War Time"

  14. Date: January, 1919
    Author: John Lord O'Brian
    Published for/in: 42 nd annual meeting of the New York Bar Association.
    Content: Discussing the importance of civil liberties vs. that of national security in wartime.

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