Grand Seal of Cambrai

Holding Institution: Archives Nationales (Paris)
Catalog number: F3898
Date: 1185-1283
Location: Cambrai

Size: 72 mm

Municipal seal

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 fortified city; fortress flanked by towers covered with cupolas; within, a building pierced by windows in a semicircle around a tower with a ribbed cupola; appended to several acts: 1185, agreement between Roger, Bishop of Cambrai and the city; November 1227, common law decreed by Godefroi, Bishop of Cambrai; March 1282-1283, act of the provost and magistrates of Cambrai regarding the wool trade

 sigillum cam[er]a[ce] civitatis

 Demay, Germain. Inventaire des sceaux de la Flandre. Paris : Imprimerie nationale, 1873.