Seal of Boulogne-sur-Mer

Holding Institution: Archives Nationales (Paris)
Catalog number: F3886
Date: 1396-1407
Location: Northeastern France

Size: 65 mm

Municipal seal

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 boat with figure of a man standing, wearing a helmet, holding in the right hand a lance decorated with a pennant, in the left hand a shield charged with a cross, next to his horse; the boat is towed by a swan to the left; the sun and moon in the field, and a celestial hand raised in blessing; appended to several acts: September 1396, vidimus of the mayor and magistrates of Boulogne of the receipt of 60 s. p. delivered to Baudoin de Lyanne for the payment of the cavalry of Jean de Boulogne; May 1407, publication of the trade respites between Flanders and England

 [Bolonie ad cau]sas

 Demay, Germain. Inventaire des sceaux de la Flandre. Paris : Imprimerie nationale, 1873.