Seal of Cappy

Holding Institution: Archives Nationales (Paris)
Catalog number: D5754
Date: 1228
Location: Picardy

Size: 66 mm

Municipal seal

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 on a fortified, crenellated bridge with two towers, a person wearing a helmet crested with a fleur de lis, covered by his shield and bearing on his epaulet a battle-axe; below the arch of the bridge, a fleur de lis; appended to an act of November 1228, oath of fidelity of the mayor, jurymen and magistrates of the city of Cappy to Louis IX

 s[igillum] maioris et juratorum [d]e cap[eio]

 Douët-d'Arcq, L. Collection de sceaux. Paris : H. Plon, 1863-1868.