Branch Document Delivery Service

Branch docdelivery has traditionally been a mediated service - that is, faculty give requests to Branch Library personnel, who in turn contact the library where the material requested is located. This mediated service is still an option; however, you can now request books and photocopies directly from Hesburgh Library or any of the other branches.

Who Can Order?

Faculty, post-docs, administrative and office staff can access the Branch Document Delivery Form.

How to Order?

  1. Check the University Libraries online catalog for call numbers and other information. Links to the catalog are available from the ND University Libraries homepage and from the Document Delivery form.
  2. Access the Document Delivery form.
  3. Fill in the information for your requested item.
  4. Items will be waiting for you the next business day at the branch or information center you have chosen for delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I have a big research project and I order a large number of items at once, will I receive them all the next day?

Our goal is to deliver all requests placed Monday through Friday by the next business day; however, we may have to limit requests when document delivery traffic is heavy.

If I request a photocopy, I see that I am required to provide a photocopy account number? Where do I get that?

Contact your departmental office. If you cannot provide us with an account number, we cannot copy for you. If that is the case, you may want us to send you the volume so that you can copy for yourself.

If a book I request or a journal volume from which I need a photocopy is not on the shelf, will I be notified to that effect?

Yes, if an item requested is not immediately available, we will notify you, usually by email. For example, if a book you want is checked out to another patron, we will recall it for you and notify you concerning the delay.

What if I do not have time to wait for another patron to return a book or for the library staff to locate a volume that is currently "not-on-the-shelf"?

Interlibrary loan is an option. If you make the urgency of your needs clear on your original request, or if we email you about a recall or about a book's "not-on-shelf" status, by all means let us know that you cannot wait and that you would like to request the title on ILL. There is no need to fill out another form; docdelivery will forward your request to ILL so that interlibrary loan can process the request immediately.

What do I do if I enter my Net ID and access is denied?

If access is denied, contact the docdelivery department (631-8727) or Ken Kinslow (631-9832; ).

If I have a research assistant, can I authorize him or her to use the Branch docdelivery service?

Yes, we have a proxy policy. In brief, the proxy must first obtain a proxy card from the Hesburgh Library circulation desk, and you should email docdelivery ( or ) as to whom you are authorizing as a proxy. When these steps are completed, the proxy's Net ID will be added to the database, so that he or she can access the online forms.

Other Questions?

Contact the Document Delivery Department,
Hesburgh Library, at 631-8727;
or Karen Malling
at 631-9832; .