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Does it ever feel like finding the right information for that research project is like searching for the legendary Pot of Gold?

You're not alone. Everyone is surprised at first by the overwhelming resources available in a modern academic library. But take heart! The 6 modules in the Pot of Gold information literacy tutorial are designed to help you discover and develop the information literacies that will support your learning throughout your college years and beyond. And as you leave Notre Dame, you'll discover that information literacy is a crucial skill in both your personal and professional life. The ability to discover and assess information is a treasure that will serve you for a lifetime, so start your quest for the information Pot of Gold today!

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  1. Information Cycle
    How does a simple question or a single event in history become the focus of research and scholarly analysis?

  2. Investigating
    Preliminary investigation of the assignment, the topic, and the research question will save you time and effort.

  3. Searching
    Information is everywhere. Learn how to select the best sources for your particular information needs.

  4. Locating
    Learn how to find books, download articles or obtain other information you need from Hesburgh Libraries and beyond.

  5. Evaluating
    Don't get caught with the wrong information! Remember CAARP - Currency, Authority, Accuracy, Relevance, and Purpose.

  6. Utilizing
    Give credit where credit's due. Apply appropriate ethical guidelines to the use of information.

  The Library Research and Information Literacy Badge

Completing the Pot of Gold Tutorial and successfully passing the Pot of Gold Quiz are the first steps in earning the Library Research and Information Literacy Badge.

Analyzing information sources for strengths and weaknesses is a critical skill of information literacy that is important for academic work at Notre Dame and in future employment. The Badge recognizes students who have demonstrated their skill at finding and evaluating information in a wide variety of formats from scholarly and non-scholarly sources. Using resources offered by the Hesburgh Libraries, students earning this badge will develop critical information literacy and library research skills as they pursue a unique research question.

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