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Pot of Gold incorporates material from TIP, a tutorial developed by the University of Wyoming, ©2010 and the Begin Your Research tutorial, developed by the University of California Irvine Libraries Department of Education and Outreach in 2010. The creators of these tutorials generously allowed us to use their tutorial as a starting place for our own tutorial while allowing us to add, modify, and edit content as necessary. Hesburgh Libraries at the University of Notre Dame accepts full responsibility for the entirety of Pot of Gold but we want to acknowledge the organization, content and images that were borrowed from TIP and Begin Your Research. Where not otherwise noted, images and media originate with Hesburgh Libraries, University of Wyoming or University of California Irvine Libraries Department of Education and Outreach.

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Tip can be viewed at and is available through an Open Publication License. This material may be reproduced, distributed, or incorporated only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the TIP Open Publication License.

Begin Your Research can be viewed at

Pot of Gold was created collaboratively by Laurie McGowan, Instructional Designer, Tim Jones, UI/Graphic Designer, and Sherri Jones, Head of the User Services Learning & Assessment team for the Hesburgh Libraries.


Sherri Jones, Librarian
Laurie McGowan, Instructional Designer