Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Notices as a text message

PLEASE NOTE: For patrons who PICK UP books and other hard-copy materials at the Architecture, BIC, Chem/Physics, or Engineering Libraries, you will not receive a text message notification. In this case you will continue to receive a regular email.

To Receive Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Notices as a text message:

  1. Log into your ILL account then
    a. If you are a new user, fill out the user information; at the “E-mail Address” field, see step 2.
    b. If you are an existing user, click on the “Change User Information” option in the Tools section of the form.

  2. In the E-mail address field:
  3. * Enter a comma after your email address “,”  then

    * Enter your cell phone number (including area code) and the text messaging Extension* for your provider. 
      (Leave no spaces!)

    Example: text message image

    Click here find the Extensions for your cellular provider.

  4. Click on the “Submit Information” button!


  • Charges may be incurred from your cellular provider – check the terms of your contract.
  • Some notifications include more text than fits in a standard text message.  You can view the entire text by checking your email.

Feel free to contact the ILL Department at or (574) 631-6260.