Pros and Cons of Direct Request

Bear in mind that Direct Request is just ONE WAY of initiating an interlibrary loan request. You can still use our web forms:

Or you can come into the ILL office (117 Hesburgh Library) and fill out paper forms if you prefer. Choose the way that is most convenient for you.


Direct Request is an unmediated ILL request. It goes directly from you to potential lending libraries. The request goes first to Indiana libraries; if there are no in-state libraries, it goes to libraries in our "region" of the country; if there are no regional holders, it goes to libraries anywhere in the US. In that you bypass the ILL office, your request may move along more quickly.

If you are in the habit of using WorldCat, it is very convenient in that you do not have to use our web forms and re-key information such as: author, title, imprint.


Urgent or Rush Requests should still be sent to the ILL office with the urgency of the situation underscored. Even though Direct Request, because it is unmediated, should improve turnaround time, it is usually better to send rush requests to ILL staff. Staff have a better sense of what libraries respond more quickly, what libraries have heavier ILL traffic, what Indiana libraries have everyday courier service, and so forth. If it's a non-Indiana library, staff can request the item be sent FedEx and provide the appropriate charge number. The computerized Direct Request is not attuned to such nuances.