Graduate Student Words of Wisdom

Graduate students are eager to share their words of wisdom with one another. As a support to new or first year graduate students, current members of our graduate school shared the following with you, hoping to help you begin your library-centered research on the right foot.


  • “Thanks to Inter Library Loan and Document Delivery, I rarely lose momentum on a project because I can't get the articles I need. The Document Delivery program saves me a trip to the library and the hassle of scanning or copying an article. The response time for ILL and Document Delivery keeps improving; the other week I got an ILL article in just a few hours and I can usually count on receiving my article in a day or two.” --Ashley Baldridge, Ecology, Department of Biological Sciences, 6th year graduate student

  • "As a second year student in the Medieval Institute, I had a sizable academic writing project to accomplish before the end of the school year. My research was going well, but I struggled to find the appropriate structure for my argument, which included literary, philological, and historical analysis. I was also concerned because my paper had been accepted for an international conference, so I needed to write both an article-length paper for my program and a conference paper for oral presentation. To help achieve my writing objectives, I signed up for the Graduate Dissertation/Thesis Camp during Spring Break. By attending the camp all week, I had committed time for writing and revising, which reduced my stress levels about productivity during the break. The Graduate Dissertation/Thesis Camp provided numerous resources for increasing productivity through self-care, setting realistic goals, and utilizing library resources. In addition I met with one of the Writing Center tutors twice during the camp; this feedback and advice from a knowledgable person outside my field was invaluable for helping me structure my argument. After the camp, I was able to continue the good writing habits I had developed there when working on my paper. I submitted a much stronger written project than I would have otherwise, and my conference paper went so well that a distinguished scholar in my field has offered to help me revise my paper for publication. I could not have imagined a more successful conclusion to my project." Mae Kilker, Medieval Studies, graduate student

  • The variety of study spaces allows you to choose the setting that works best for you. The library is an excellent place to work when you need to get away from the distractions of your office or lab and really focus.” --Ashley Baldridge, Ecology, Department of Biological Sciences, 6th year graduate student

  • "If a document that you need for your research exists, whether is a book, map or manuscript, be sure that the guys at Hesburgh Library will make all the efforts to get it. And in almost every case you will get it. The people that work in the Library are part of our family, and they are the drive behind all the research done here." --Mario Cossio Olavide, Iberian and Latin American Languages and Literatures, Master, Romance Languages and Literatures, Class of 2013 (Alumni)

If you are interested in sharing your own perspectives about the postive impact the Hesburgh Libraries has had on your scholarship, please contact Mandy Havert, Graduate Outreach Services Librarian, or 574.631.6189