Greece Greece: Libraries and Archives

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Academic Libraries

National and Public Libraries

  • National Library of Greece Athens, Greece
  • Libraries: Public: Europe: Greece
  • Libraries: Government: Europe
  • Libraries: National: Europe
  • Libraries: Government: Other Political: Europe
  • Libraries: Public: Europe
  • Libraries: International: Regional Bodies: Europe
  • Libraries: Women: Europe
  • Libraries: Culture: Arts: Cinema: Europe
  • Libraries: History: Europe
  • Libraries: Culture: General: Europe
  • Libraries: Special: Technology: Europe
  • Libraries: Culture: Arts: Music: Europe
  • L ibraries: Children and Young Adults: Europe
  • Libraries: Special: Science: Environment: Europe

Archives: from UNESCO's archives portal

  • Archives: Academia and culture: Universities and Research Institutions: Europe: Greece
  • Archives: Social life: Parliaments and Political Parties: Europe: Greece
  • Archives: Academia and culture: Audiovisual: Europe: Greece
  • Archives: Academia and culture: Literature and Art : Europe: Greece
  • Archives: Academia and culture: Museums: Europe: Greece
  • Archives: Government: State and Regional: Europe: Greece