Request a Group Study Room

2-2-2-2 Rules for Reservations

Designated group spaces in the Hesburgh Library may be reserved by students via online form. Use of the group study spaces is governed by the 2-2-2-2 rules.

    • TWO or more students are required to be present for group space use. Priority will be given to groups over individuals.

    • A student may make up to TWO reservations per week. All reservations that violate this policy will be deleted from the system.

    • Reservations may last up to TWO hours and are reservable in 30 minute increments. 

    • Reservations can be made up to TWO weeks in advance. Library staff will decline any reservation made more than 2 weeks in advance. You will be notified of the declined request.

    Use Room Number below to reserve a group study room. Order of room numbers corresponds to floorplan map on the second floor and lower level room lists below:

    Second Floor Hesbugh Library (map)
    Rooms are located north of elevators




    Not Available
    Not Available




    Not Available
    Not Available


    Lower Level Hesburgh Library (map)
    Not Available
    Not Available


    Open Study Space and Seating


    Not Available


Things to Know About Group Study Space

  1. You are responsible for the security of your items. Do not leave your belongings unattended.
  2. When spaces are not reserved, they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. You may be asked to leave the space when someone else's reservation begins. Be respectful of the reservation.
  4. Be polite when informing occupants of a room that you have reserved the space.
  5. See room locations: Hesburgh Library Floor Maps
  6. See room features and descriptions.
  7. Available equipment and services.
  8. Rooms are available during building open hours only. Please check the open hours. You will not be notified if you are booking outside of library open hours.