Metaframe: CD-ROM Network Access Software (Citrix ICA Client) for Macintosh, Windows, and Remote Users

Locally networked databases, previously available only through NT@ND, are now accessible to all users from the desktop.

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NOTE: We do not provide a help page for UNIX and other operating systems because there are so many UNIX variations and other clients available. Installation instructions are in the "Client Admin Guide" for each operating system on the Citrix Web site. 

Citrix Databases:
Once the network access software is downloaded and configured, many databases previously accessible only through the citrix client will be available to you using the link on the Libraries' website.

List of citrix accessible databases.

Important Printing/Saving Instructions:

Printing directly from a database is often problematic. It is recommended that you first save your results to a local drive (C:\ or hard drive) or to your netfile space as a text file, then open with a word processor and print. In some databases, you can "print to a file" if the "save" menu option is disbled.

Some databases do allow direct printing. Older DOS databases generally allow printing to a local printer but are unable to print to a networked printer. Saving options from a DOS database are sometimes limited to a floppy, but you can often "export" to a specified drive, save and then open with a word processor and print. Remember that in a DOS interface you must type the full saving path, e.g., "C:\documents\search1."

Windows databases provide a print dialog box that may or may not include your printer when you attempt to print. If your printer does NOT show up in the list then the server can NOT connect to your printer using the drivers currently on your machine. If, for example, you are using an HP printer and it does NOT show up in the list of printers when you attempt to print, then try installing a more generic driver for your printer. After you have installed the printer driver, make sure it is set as the default printer before you make the connection to the database from the gateway page. You can make a printer the default printer by right mouse clicking on the printer icon and then selecting the "set as default" option. You can use this link to test if the server is able to connect back to your local printer. Just right mouse click on the printer from the "ICA Client Printer Configuration" dialog box and try to connect.

In the following example the LaserJet 8000 Series PCL driver will NOT connect to my local printer but the generic HP LaserJet driver will.


A "Print to file" printer is always present. It will allow you to save your results in a file to a specified location. Windows databases allow you to save to both your local drive (C:\ or hard drive) and your netfile space (N:\).

Again, it is recommended that you first save your results to a local drive or to your netfile space then open with a word processor and print.