I Need to Find Articles

When You Know the Article You Are Looking For

If you have a reference or citation to an article, use the e-Journal locator to find the journal in which the article was published.

If the journal isn't available electronically, it may be available in print or microform in the CatalogPlus.

When You Know the Topic of the Article

Article QuickSearch lets you search several article databases at once. It can show which databases are most helpful for your topic, as well as finding articles in databases you may not have considered. Article QuickSearch lets you search databases in several broad subject categories, and has advanced search features that let you choose which databases and fields (title, subject, etc.) to search.

For in depth research, search article databases directly. Article databases often focus on specific areas such as history or engineering, and offer broader coverage of the area and more advanced search functions than Article QuckSearch.

You can find the recommended article databases for your subject here.