Services for Students with Disabilities

Tracey Morton

Manager, User Services
(574) 631-6824

University of Notre Dame Office of Disability Service website.

What to Expect

Library staff is committed to making your visit successful. You may need to provide advance notice of your library visit to ensure staff availability.

Please identify yourself as having a disability via email or at the time you ask staff for assistance.

Hesburgh Libraries are committed to providing accommodations for patrons with permanent or temporary disabilities.  We work in conjunction with the University Office of Disability Services.  Patrons seeking assistance are encouraged to contact Tracey Morton, disability services contact for the library system. We will arrange for accommodations at any of the Hesburgh libraries to enable you to make the most efficient use of the libraries facilities, materials and services.

You may use any of the services listed below.

Document Delivery Services

With Document Delivery Services, you can request that materials be paged and held at the library of your choice.  Depending on an individuals needs, we may be able to arrange for dorm delivery.

Library staff will scan a book chapter or journal article and send it to you electronically as a PDF to view on your own computer.

HathiTrust Enhanced Access

In participation with HathiTrust, Hesburgh Library can provide access for eligible patrons with print disabilities to those items within HathiTrust that Hesburgh Libraries also holds in print. Access is accomplished through a proxy. Eligible patrons wishing to use this service of enhanced access may contact:

Scott Howland
Coordinator of Disability Services
Sara Bea Learning Center for Students with Disabilities
University of Notre Dame


  • Eligible patron: an affiliated user at a supporting institution who has a print disability for which access to digital copies of library books is a reasonable and appropriate accommodation.
  • Print disability: a disability, such as a visual impairment, learning disability, physical disability, or other disabilty that impedes access to printed content in the standard way.
  • Proxy: a representative designated by a HathiTrust Supporting Institution who accesses in-copyright content on behalf of an eligible patron.

Interlibrary Loan

Material that Hesburgh Library does not own may be requested through Interlibrary Loan.

Assistive Technology

ZoomText 7.0
Height adjustable/accessible workstation
Telesensory Voyager XL enlarger

Private Study or Work Spaces

In some of the libraries, privately assigned study space can be arranged. Check with your preferred library for more information.