University Committees


John oversees three programs, Information Technology and Discovery Services, Resource Acquisitions and Delivery Services, and Digital initiatives and Scholarship. He provides leadership and guidance and manages vision and strategies in the development and optimization of library core systems, and digital, technical, and delivery services.

Selected Responsibilities:

  • Provide Leadership and Vision by playing a leading role in library-wide strategic planning, resource management, and assessment and helping to develop and convey a clear and compelling vision;
  • Closely align goals, structure, resources and values with those of the University;
  • Energize the organization through emphasis on collaboration, flexibility, empowerment, on-going learning, service excellence, and a commitment to work together as one team;
  • Maintain, develop, and inspire a strategically-focused and highly knowledgeable workforce;
  • Coach and empower program directors and team leaders to excel both directly and through effective delegation and management;
  • Build and deepen campus relationships, identifying opportunities to share resources, provide targeted services and programs, and productively collaborate.

John is a librarian and a technologist. His professional aspiration is to seamlessly integrate library experience for users both at online and physical spaces. He published and lectured in the areas of web services, web systems, web analytics, and digital assets management.