Associate University Librarian, Digital Access, Resources and Information Technology
(574) 631-6495 | | 221D Hesburgh Library

John oversees three programs, Information Technology and Discovery Services, Resource Acquisitions and Delivery Services, and Digital initiatives and Scholarship. He provides leadership and guidance and manages vision and strategies in the development and optimization of library core systems, and digital, technical, and delivery services.

Selected Responsibilities:

  • Provide Leadership and Vision by playing a leading role in library-wide strategic planning, resource management, and assessment and helping to develop and convey a clear and compelling vision;
  • Closely align goals, structure, resources and values with those of the University;
  • Energize the organization through emphasis on collaboration, flexibility, empowerment, on-going learning, service excellence, and a commitment to work together as one team;
  • Maintain, develop, and inspire a strategically-focused and highly knowledgeable workforce;
  • Coach and empower program directors and team leaders to excel both directly and through effective delegation and management;
  • Build and deepen campus relationships, identifying opportunities to share resources, provide targeted services and programs, and productively collaborate.

John is a librarian and a technologist. His professional aspiration is to seamlessly integrate library experience for users both at online and physical spaces. He published and lectured in the areas of web services, web systems, web analytics, and digital assets management.


Curator, Italian Imprints and Dante Collection
Co-Program Director, Digital Library Initiatives and Scholarship
Program Director
(574) 631-1763 | | 115 Hesburgh Library

Tracy Bergstrom is the director of the Specialized Collection Services Program within the Hesburgh Libraries of Notre Dame. As such, she oversees Rare Books and Special Collections, University Archives, Preservation, and Digital Production. She is also the curator of the Zahm Dante and early Italian imprints collection at Notre Dame and is especially interested in the print history of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Tracy is a graduate of Smith College and Yale University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Italian Studies and Art History, a Master of Arts degree in Archaeological Studies, and a Master of Library Science degree.


Program Director, Information Technology
(574) 631-3092 | | 405 Hesburgh Library

Mark is responsible for providing leadership, vision, and oversight for the strategic and functional directions of the IT Program including stewardship for the Program's budget and personnel. As Program Director for most of the Libraries' core technical infrastructure and services, he collaborates with key library and University stakeholders and partners to plan and implement technology solutions that contribute to a 21st century academic library.

Vision and Oversight

  • Provide overall leadership for the IT Program, establish foundational vision and strategic directions in collaboration with program leadership, and help leaders carry out that vision across four functional units (Web and Software Engineering, IT Support, Enterprise Systems, and Enterprise Applications).
  • As a member of the Libraries' Cabinet, collaborate on setting Library wide goals and strategies.
  • Help program and organization adjust to change and demands created by technology developments and increasing user needs through communication, process management, process improvement, coaching, and team building.


  • Provide management and guidance for three unit managers and two library faculty.
  • Collaboratively establish goals with direct reports, coach as needed, and evaluate performance.
  • Provide advice and direction on professional development and skill advancement in alignment with library strategies and goals.
  • Provide oversight for program budget.

Communication and Collaboration

  • Share decisions and information made in the Cabinet with managers and Program.
  • Regular communication with Cabinet and other library and University stakeholders to hear about needs, ensure that Program is delivering on expected outcomes, negotiate change, and collaborate on key initiatives.


Mark holds Bachelor's of Arts degrees in English and Math from the University of Maine and a Master's of Science degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois.


Program Manager for Digital Product Access and Dissemination
(574) 631-0533 | | 244 Hesburgh Library

Co-Program Director, Digital Initiatives and Scholarship
Head, Data Curation and Digital Library Solutions
(574) 631-1086 | | 404 Hesburgh Library

As the Co-Program Director of Digital Initiatives and Scholarship, Rick Johnson directs the design and development of the Libraries' data curation and digital library solutions for research, teaching, and learning. These include CurateND, the library’s service to curate, preserve, and spotlight collections and research at Notre Dame. Rick also provides oversight of data management planning services within the libraries, and supports activities in the Center for Digital Scholarship.

Focus areas include:

  • Coordinate with faculty, students, and researchers to determine best solutions to preserve, manage, curate, present, and share digital content, data, and other resources used in research, teaching, and learning.
  • Define long-term strategic objectives to meet stakeholder needs and emerging trends.
  • Direct and coordinate planning around areas such as data integrity, disaster recovery, retention policies, and data management policies.
  • Work closely with the other Co-Director of the Digital Initiatives and Scholarship Program in support of Digital Projects and services related to the Center for Digital Scholarship.

With over 15 years experience, Rick has worked in software development, testing, sales, and management. As a graduate of the University of Notre Dame in 1999, Rick is also double domer with bachelor’s degrees in Japanese and Computer Science.

In his spare time, Rick enjoys distance running and traveling.


Program Director, Resource Acquisitions and Discovery
(574) 631-4036 | | 406 Hesburgh Library

Laura directs and administers the work of an integrated collection description and discovery program referred to as RAD. The work of the program is carried out by three units:

- Interlibrary Loan & Acquisitions Services
- Resource Description & Discovery Services
- Discovery Access & Systems (managed jointly with the Program Director for Information Technology)

The Program, supported also by a full-time Project Manager, is responsible for acquisitions of licensed print and e-resources, interlibrary loan, cataloging/metadata creation and enrichment, and material discovery through various systems. RAD's mission is to make the Libraries' resources known or discoverable to the University community and beyond.

Laura earned her bachelor's degree in French and master's degree in Library and Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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Project Manager
(574) 631-2954 | | 208 Hesburgh Library

Miranda oversees the management of projects in three programs: Information Technology, Discovery Services, Resource Acquisitions and Delivery Services, and Digital Initiatives and Scholarship. She provides a common contact point for all DARIT project work and endeavors to implement and oversee consistent project management processes throughout the library.

Responsibilities Include:
• Develop project plans and collaborate with Program Director(s) to set project priorities and high level timelines based on stakeholder needs and strategic library initiatives;
• Recommend, implement, document, and oversee consistent project management processes;
• Collaborate with technical lead and/or product owner(s) to define project scope, set sprint milestones, and schedule backlog to meet proper implementation of requirements and long-term strategic objectives;
• Provide a central communication point for project progress and work to define new channels for internal and external communication.

Miranda has a bachelor’s degree in Computational Mathematics from Saint Mary’s College and is currently working on her master’s degree in Project Management from Keller School of Management.