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  • Bach Digital View Full RecordFree Resource
    "The Bach digital portal offers a Digital Library containing: complete digitized scans of manuscripts; a database listing manuscript sources of works by ... []
  • CANTUS View Full RecordFree ResourceND Catalog Record
    Indices of chants in selected manuscripts and early printed sources of the Liturgical Office.
  • Juilliard manuscript collection View Full RecordFree ResourceFull Text ResourceND Catalog Record
    A collection of autograph and working manuscripts, sketches, engraver's proofs and first editions. The collection comprises 138 items, including printed ... []
  • Music Library Letters Database View Full RecordFree ResourceFull Text ResourceND Catalog Record
    Includes unique letters from/to composers and musical performers, acquired by the Gilmore Music Library through purchase and gift. The collection constitutes ... []
  • Schumann-Autographen View Full RecordFree Resource
    Digitized versions of the Schumann manuscripts available at the Universit├Ąt-Bonn.