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Latin American Studies


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News sources, Current, Non-U.S.

  • Boletín reforme View Full RecordFree ResourceFull Text ResourceND Catalog Record
    News items, brief reports, and publication announcements related to activities of non-governmental organizations whose focus is Latin American politics, ... []
  • Directorio del Estado View Full RecordFree Resource
    This portal pulls together daily information on Latin American governments. It includes news items, events, documents, and other related information. ... []
  • Informe, revistas en Español View Full RecordFull Text ResourceINSPIRE ResourceND Catalog Record
    English language interface
    Spanish language interface
    Full text coverage of news and popular culture entirely in Spanish.
    Database coverage list for Informe
  • International Coalition on Newspapers View Full RecordFree Resource
    The International Coalition on Newspapers is a coordinated multi-institutional effort to increase the availability of international newspaper collections ... []
  • Latin American Intelligence Service View Full RecordND-onlyFull Text ResourceND Catalog Record
    Provides access to the full portfolio of Latin American Newsletter information resources along with a series of bespoke services including the Client Response ... []