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Call Number: Microforms [Lower Level HESB] General Collection
Description: CIDOC Collection; History of Religiosity in Latin America, c. 1830-1970 +3,000 titles, searchable Index online (EAD) http://www.idc.nl/ead/049faid.html IDC Publishers' edition of more than 3,000 nineteenth- and twentieth-century imprints documents local devotions and syncretist rituals, religious iconography and poetry, and the pastoral campaigns of the various churches and sects. They went uncollected and largely unnoticed until the early 1960s, when Ivan Illich began to collect them in the CIDOC Library of Cuernavaca, Mexico. That has been supplemented by additional microfiching in many libraries elsewhere in MEXICO, VENEZUELA, BRAZIL, ARGENTINA and CHILE. This result was a prime collection of resources documenting a wide array of expressions of popular forms of religion.

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