Data Management

We provide a range of services supporting creators and users of data for research and teaching

Consult throughout data lifecycle

Start by consulting the University's policy on Data Retention and Access

Data management is not just important at the end of your research, but is important throughout the lifecycle of your research project. There are many groups and resources on and off campus that can help you write a data management plan and help manage your data throughout its lifecycle.

Our team can help you with recommendations on metadata standards, policies for accessing and sharing your data, policies for re-use and distribution of your data, plans for data storage, archiving and preserving your data, and more. For assistance, please contact our data management planning team. See: Identifying Your Data Management Needs.

Help with data management plans

The NSF and many other other sponsors now require that all grant applications include a data management plan. We can save you time by helping you develop high quality data management plans tailored for your individual grant applications. High quality data management plans may improve the competitiveness of your grant. See: Data Management Planning Tools for more information.

Help with data documentation and metadata

Data documentation (also known as metadata) enables you to understand your data in detail and will enable other researchers to find, use and properly cite your data. Metadata standards are created to facilitate searching similar items by using similar terms and constructs to describe them.

For more information including how to provide adequate metadata for your research, see: Documentation & Metadata.

Help with citing (DOI, PURL)

Need a DOI (digital object identifier) for your data? We can issue a DOI for your data via CurateND. CurateND makes it easy to create and manage unique, long-term identifiers. Simply login to CurateND, create a dataset, and generate a DOI for your data. You can also Contact us to find out more.

DOIs, widely used in scientific publishing to cite journal articles, are persistent identifiers that provide long-term links to data sets and allow published articles to link to their underlying data. Need to know more? See: Sharing & Archiving Data.


Our team also arranges workshops on a regular basis. See this schedule.