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Ayscough, John. (American)
Baring, Maurice. (British)
Böll, Heinrich. (German)
Brady, Leo. (American)
Chesterton, G.K. (British author of "Father Brown" series)
Cronin, A.J. (British)
DeWohl, Louis. (American author of historical novels on saints)
Dubus, Andre. (American)
Dunsany, Lord. (Irish)
Farrell, James. T. (American author of Studs Lonigan trilogy)
Godden, Rumer. (British)
Gordon, Mary. (American)
Greeley, Andrew. (American author of mysteries)
Greene, Graham. (British author)
Guareschi, Giovanni. (Italian)
Hassler, Jon. (American)
Kenneally, Thomas. (Irish author of Schindler's List, among others)
Lodge, David. (British)
MacKinder, Dorothy. (American)
Marshall, Bruce. (Scottish)
Mauriac, François. (French)
Moore, Brian. (Americn author of The Black Robe, among others)
Norris, Kathleen. (American)
O'Connor, Flannery. (American)
Percy, Walker. (American)
Peters, Ellis. (British author of medieval "Cadfael" mysteries)
Quindlen, Anna. (American novelist and journalist)
Russell, Mary Doria. (American)
Spark, Muriel. (British author)
Stone, Robert. (American)
Sullivan, Richard. (Notre Dame author)
Sylvester, Harry. (American)
Tolkien, J.R.R. (British Author of The Lord of the Rings, among others)
West, Morris L. (Australian)
White, Helen Constance. (American author of historical novels)