Self Services

My Account

"My Account" lets you:

  • View your Hesburgh Libraries loan list
  • Renew your materials
  • View your hold/recall requests
  • Delete your hold/recall requests
  • Change your verification number (PIN)
  • Recall needed materials that are on loan

Self Check-out

As a part of our ongoing commitment to ensure that your library experience is both productive and efficient, we have a "self checkout" service. The self-checkout service is a great way to avoid the line at the Circulation/Reserves Desk during peak periods, and still checkout when the service desk is closed. It allows you to checkout and renew books (provided the book is not on hold for another patron) at the same time.

There are two (2) self-checkout machines located on the main floor lobby near the circulation desk, and one (1) in the lower level of Hesburgh Library. The self-checkout machine has a large monitor that easily and quickly takes you through the checkout process. However, if you should have any difficulty using the machine, please do not hesitate to ask one of our circulation desk staff members or building Monitors for assistance. They are more than happy to help you.

If you have any questions or concerns about the self-checkout service, please contact the Hesburgh Library Circulation/Reserve Desk for assistance

•  Available during regular library building hours, except the last 15 minutes before Hesburgh closes

•  Use your valid University ID card and your "My Account" personal identification number (PIN)

•  Your "My Account" PIN is four (4) or more digits (which you may change).

Notre Dame University & Saint Mary's College personal identification number (PIN) are:
birth MONTH and birth DAY (ex. 0101 for January 1st.)

Holy Cross & Bethel College personal identification number (PIN) are:
The last four digits of your social security number

Checking out

  • Most books and journals from Hesburgh Library
  • Material that was on hold for the patron checking out
  • Items must have a barcode
  • Material from non-circulating collections can not be checked out from self check machines.


  • Take item(s) to Circulation/Reserve service desk for assistance.
  • After normal business hours, take item(s) to Monitors' Desk for assistance. Some items may be held for you until Circulation opens.

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Laptop Charging Stations

Laptop lockers are available for short-term laptop storage in the Hesburgh Library. Locker stations can be found in the lower level, first and second floor. Each locker is equipped with a power outlet for charging your laptop. You can secure lockers with a user-selectable three-digit combination.

Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis; you cannot reserve a locker. Lockers are intended for short-term storage of laptops only, and use of this storage is at your own risk.  Lockers are emptied one hour before library building closes.

Be sure to remember your locker combination. If you forget your locker combination, contact the Monitors Desk at 575-631-6350, you must provide a picture ID and demonstrate that you own the items inside the locker before they will be turned over to you.

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Microform Readers

Hesburgh Libraries owns a lot of material on microforms, including newspapers, manuscripts, sets of primary and secondary sources and government information. Microfilm and microfiche are two (2) publishing formats that keep newspapers and other bulky publications in a compact, stable form. The publisher photographs the pages of a work (usually newspapers, magazines or journals) in miniature, and places them on card-shaped photographic material (microfiche) or strips of film on reels (microfilm). The collection, located in the lower level of Hesburgh Library, is designed for self-service access when the building is open. Staff is on hand to locate materials or help with the equipment during selected business hours. Microforms do not circulate.

The Lower Level area of Hesburgh Library has equipment that allows users to read materials in these various microform formats. Patrons have an option to create digital copies of film to their “N” space at no charge, create printed paper copies or staff can do it for you for a fee. Contact the Lower Level Service Desk for pricing on this service.

When there is high demand for reader/printers, a 30-minute time limit may be imposed.

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Self-service photocopiers are available in the Hesburgh Library and the majority of the branches. The copiers are also network scanners that can be used to scan documents and send directly to email. Scanning instructions are posted and assistance is available from the Circulation/Reserves Desk. For color photocopying, visit the Chemistry Physics Library and the O'Meara Mathematics Library. All others are black and white.

Location and Costs

  • Printing costs $0.10 a page, or free if you use the scan to email feature. These public photocopiers accept Domer Dollars for payment, or Notre Dame community members and guests may purchase a copy card at the Hesburgh Library. The copy card vending machine is located on the first floor near the self-check machines in the lobby.
  • No refunds are issued for unused monies on copy card
  • Photocopiers are located:
    • 1st floor, Reference area
    • 2nd floor, Lobby area
    • 7th floor, turn right after exiting the elevator
    • 12 floor, turn left after exiting the elevator. Walk all the way down to the far wall, and
    • all Hesburgh Library branches, except Architecture.


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Notre Dame Community Only

PrintND is a print management system that helps the University control printing costs while providing all students with a print quota to help them with their academic printing needs.  Please visit the PrintND Frequently Asked Questions support page for additional information on PrintND on campus. Printers are located across campus but the ones located within the Hesburgh Libraries are:

  • Hesburgh Library - 1st floor, Reference area. Four (4) black and white, one (1) color.
  • Hesburgh Library - 10th floor, Graduate Student Study Area. Black and white only.
  • Branches of the Hesburgh Libraries - One (1) each, all print in black and white.
  • Kresge Law Library is a seperate library system.

Other Computer Lab locations on campus and their hours of operation


Contact the OIT Help Desk
128 DeBartolo Hall
(574) 631-8111

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No-cost, self-service book scanners are available for all library visitors.  These scanners have a large monitor that easily and quickly takes you through the scanning process. 

Scanner Capabilities

  • Scan bound or flat originals in full color, grayscale, and black & white modes
  • Scanner bed can accommodate materials up to 17x 24 inches, Architecture scanner can accomodate material up to 24 x 32.

Scanner Output Options

  • Save images from the scanner in various file formats: PDF, JPEG, PNG, and more
  • Send image files via email (20MB limit); save to a USB flash drive

Location and Costs

  • Scanning is free
  • These large book scanners are located:
    • Hesburgh Library, 1st floor Reference area (4)
    • Hesburgh Library, Lower Level
    • Architecture Library in Bond Hall (1)
    • Special Collections and Rare Books room (very large books only)


Other types of scanners: Photocopiers and flatbed scanners.

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Questions? Please contact the Hesburgh Library Circulation/Reserve Desk, or your branch library for assistance