Overdue Materials and Fines

Overdue Notices

For material that circulates more than seven (7) days, a courtesy reminder is sent two days before an item becomes due. Once a due date has passed, no more than two (2) overdue notices are sent to the patron. If patrons claim not to have received an overdue or recall notice, the patrons are responsible for making sure the university has their correct contact information, and their email client accepts all email from domain nd.edu. Failure to receive notification does not absolve patrons of their responsibility of returning library material on time. Hesburgh Libraries uses Notre Dame assigned email addresses for all university business. Please contact the Office of Technology (OIT) for instructions on how to forward email to another preferred account.

Overdue Fines

Overdue fines for regular circulating items is $10.00 per item overdue by 30+ days. The fine for recalled material 14+ days overdue is $25.00 per item. Reserve fines are $3.00 per day and will not exceed the cost of item replacement. There are no grace periods for Reserve or recalled items.

  • Recalled items:
    • $25.00 when overdue and borrowing privileges suspended until paid.
    • $25.00 when thirty days (30) overdue plus replacement and processing costs.
  • Reserve items:
    • $3.00 a day when overdue (not to exceed the cost of a new copy).
    • When thirty days (30) overdue, charged replacement and processing costs. Replacement fees and overdue fines for Course Reserves items are non-refundable.
  • Books:
    • $10.00 when thirty (30) days overdue plus replacement and processing costs.
  • Journals:
    • $10.00 when fourteen (14) days overdue plus replacement and processing costs. Charges for replacement depend on the subject area.
  • Music and Media:
    • $10.00 when seven (7) days overdue plus replacement and processing costs.
  • Equipment:
    • Headphones / Scanners / Calculators
      • $1.00 per day overdue. Replacement and processing costs when thirty (30) days overdue.
    • Laptops / Projectors
      • $10.00 per hour.

Lost Books

Once a book's status has been changed to "LOST," the patron is charged the current replacement value, or $70.00 when a replacement cannot be found per item IN ADDITION TO the overdue fines. As an alternative, patrons may purchase a replacement copy of the exact same item (same ISBN and edition) from the vendor of their choice. The book will be reviewed in a timely manner by the relevant subject librarian to determine whether it will be accepted. If it is accepted, the replacement and processing fee will be waived. If it is not, the borrower will be held liable for the replacement fee and will be notified of that decision.

Before purchasing a replacement copy, contact the library for item information.

When a patron finds and returns a book in good condition that has been billed and paid for within a year, the lost book charge will be removed from the patron's record and a credit will be sent to the billing office for the replacement charge (when applicable). The patron is still responsible for any overdue fines. No refunds or credits will be issued for charges that are more than one year old.


Regardless of user status, unresolved financial accounts at the library, including fines for non-returned recalls, may result in temporary loss of borrowing privileges until items are returned, or replacement charges and/or fines are paid. Guests may have their privileges permanently revoked if accounts are left unresolved. Delinquent accounts of former students, faculty, and staff of the University, and guest borrowers, will be forwarded to General Counsel for resolution.

All library fines and fees for current students are automatically forwarded to University Student Accounts office. All other patrons may pay their fines either by cash, check or FOPAL at the Circulation/Reserves Desk (checks should be made out to: Hesburgh Libraries of Notre Dame). The library does not accept credit cards.

For university students, library fees left unpaid may be subject to diploma, registration and transcript holds.

Questions? Please contact the Hesburgh Library Circulation/Reserve Desk for assistance, or your branch library for assistance.