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Borrower Responsibilities

You are responsible for:

  • All material checked out on your card. Do not loan it to others.
  • Knowing due dates. Dates may change based on renewal and recall requests. Access "MY ACCOUNT" and review your list of checkouts and their due dates.
  • Returning or renewing materials on time.
  • Notifying Human Resources or the Registrar’s office of any change of address.
  • Reading your email messages and library notices. Hesburgh Libraries uses your Notre Dame assigned email address for all correspondence.  Contact OIT for instructions on how to transfer email to another preferred account.
  • Paying any late charges. Overdue books or unpaid late fees may automatically block your borrowing privileges. Unpaid fees owed by students are transferred to Student Accounts weekly.

Borrowing Regulations

Borrowers must present their university ID or Special Borrowers card to check out circulating and reserve materials. Borrowing privileges are extended to:

  • Students, faculty, staff and officers of Notre Dame, Saint Mary's, Holy Cross and Bethel College.
  • Academic Libraries of Indiana program (ALI). This program allows all students, faculty, and staff from any participating library, and who are in good standing, to borrow books at any other participating ALI library.
  • OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program (OCLC). This program allows faculty from a participating library, and who are in good standing, to borrow books at any other participating OCLC library.
  • "Proxy Borrowers" may be designated by faculty of Notre Dame, Saint Mary's, Bethel, and Holy Cross. This card, when presented, allows circulation transactions in your name just as though you were the patron making the transaction. Response to renewals, recalls, and other library transactions remain your responsibility. Application for faculty proxy cards (pdf) can be requested at any of the circulation desks or from the form (pdf) posted on this webpage.
  • Hesburgh Libraries Special Borrowers.
    • Applications for Special Borrowing (pdf) circulation privileges may be obtained at the Circulation/Reserves Desk in the main library or from the form (pdf) posted on the web. Length of loans will vary based on eligibility.
    • Alumni of ND/SMC/HCC/BC living in the Michiana area and are in good standing with the Alumni Association are eligible.
    • Family (spouse and adult children beyond high school age) of ND/SMC/HCC/BC faculty, administrative staff, or graduate students living in the Michiana area. (Must present a valid University/College ID at time of application).
    • Faculty from Indiana, Ball State, Indiana State, and Purdue Universities participating in the Indiana Academic Resource Libraries (IARL) program. (Must present valid IARL identification card or photocopy of such at time of application).
    • Faculty from colleges/universities in Indiana or lower Michigan. (Must present valid faculty identification card at time of application.)
    • Faculty from colleges/universities participating in the Academic Research Libraries OCLC Reciprocal Borrowing Program. (Must present an OCLC Reciprocal Borrowing card obtained from home library).
    • Area Clergy (Must present identification of current clergy status).
    • Professional personnel from non-profit organizations in Michiana area. One person should be designated to handle all borrowing for the organization. (Must attach letter of authorization, responsibility, and tax exempt number).
    • Companies or Corporations in Michiana area, a fee is required.
    • Eligibility of others is determined by the Manger of User Services. Contact directly at or 574-631-6824.

Contact User Services, or your branch library for assistance.

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Library Materials and Loan Periods

Materials circulate to borrowers with valid University IDs, or Special Borrower cards. Loan periods vary depending on the library, type of material, and status of the borrower.

All materials are subject to RECALL at any time, regardless of the borrower's status or the original due date. All materials are due when the borrower leaves their institution, regardless of the due date.


  • Undergraduate students - 28 days
  • Graduate students - annual (May 31)
  • Faculty and administrative staff - annual (May 31)
  • Staff - 28 days
  • Most Special Borrowers - 28 days

Bound Periodicals/Journals:

  • All borrowers - 2 days
  • Exception: Architecture and Math Library periodicals DO NOT circulate.

Unbound Issues of current periodicals:

  • 2 hour circulation
  • Exception: Architecture and Math Library periodicals DO NOT circulate.

Reserve items

  • Have varied restricted loan periods.
  • Contact the Circulation/Reserves desk for additional information at 631-7578 or .

Media items

  • Faculty/Graduate -- 7 day loan
  • Undergraduate/Staff -- 3 day loan.
  • Contact Reserves, Microtext & Media at 631-2889 or

for additional information.

*Branch audio/video materials circulate for various loan periods and patron statuses. This information is reflected in the online catalog.

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Appeals process

To appeal a library fine, please contact the Hesburgh Library Circulation desk with a statement why fine/fees should be reviewed. Please note, all appeals must be filed within 30 days of the fine to be considered. You will be contacted by email of the appeal decision within 5 business days during normal business hours.

Reasons not considered as a basis for waiving fines include:

•Lack of understanding of Library Policies
•Unwillingness to take responsibility for loaned materials
•Non-receipt, late receipt, or inattention of notices
•Vacations, conferences, sabbaticals, etc. Make arrangements for someone to return on your behalf.

You may report that you returned an item, which library records show as still checked out, but which you believe you have returned. The Libraries will begin a comprehensive search for the item. If it is found, no charges are due. If the item is not found after two months of searching, you will be billed the overdue fine and the replacement cost plus a processing fee.

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Patrons may renew items online by accessing "My Account." Patrons may log in with a Notre Dame NetID and password; all other users will need their ID barcode number and institution assigned PIN number.

You may not renew items if:
  • The item has been requested by another patron
  • The item's status is "LOST"
  • Renewing the item would not result in a later due date (the due date is as far out as it can go)
  • The items are from the Reserve Book Room or Audio-Video Center

If you must return an item that cannot be renewed consider requesting a copy through Interlibrary Loan.

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Recalling Materials

All library materials are subject to recall after circulating for 14 days if needed by another borrower, and are subject to immediate recall if needed for Reserve. Placing a recall allows you to request an item someone else has on loan. Once you receive the recalled item, you can check it out for the normal loan period. (If more than one person has recalled the item, then each person will be able to borrow it for two weeks in the order in which they requested it).

Fundamental to this policy is the recognition that the Library is a shared resource that relies on a spirit of collegiality and cooperation among all of its patrons.

What if I am notified that someone has recalled my book?
  • The item is due within 7 days of the email notice. (Unless user has had book for less than two weeks.)
  • If you don't return a recalled item or return it late:
    • You will be subject to suspension of library privileges.*
    • Your account will be billed $25 for each recall that is overdue.
    • Continued failure to return recalled material will lead to fines being levied and ultimately to a replacement fee being charged.

* Library privileges: the library privileges that would be withdrawn are the ability to borrow any additional items from the Library’s collections and the ability to request material through the inter-library loans service.

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Returning materials

  • At the Hesburgh Library Circulation Desk or branch locations (not the Kresge Law Library).
  • Audiovisual materials should be returned to the service desk. Patron is responsible for material that becomes damaged.
  • Hesburgh Library exterior book returns (open 24 hours).
    • At the east entrance of the library - Library circle.
    • On the external west wall of the library, near the statue of Moses.
  • Branch Libraries - book return is usually found outside of library door.

Please do not force material into the return bins; if the bin is full please bring the material inside.

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Search Service

If an item is not found on the shelf and is not circulating, a request to have a staff member search for the item may be made at the Circulation Desk or by filling out and submitting this online form.

  • The library stacks staff will do a comprehensive search for the item within 24-48 business hours.
  • If the item is found:
    • You will be notified by e-mail or mail that the item has been found..
    • The item will be held for you for ten (10) days at the appropriate Circulation Desk.
  • If the item is not found:
    • You will be notified if the item was not found.
    • The catalog record will be changed to show the book is "MISSING".
    • The search for the item will continue for two (2) months after the initial search. If it is still not found after two (2) months, it will be withdrawn from the collection. A Librarian Selector will decide whether to order another copy.
    • In the meantime you are welcome to request the book through Interlibrary loan (login).

Please contact the Hesburgh Library Circulation Desk, or your branch library for assistance.

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