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Current students and faculty with a Notre Dame NetID may check out a list of equipment from the Hesburgh Library Circulation Desk (map). 

Need a laptop for long term rental? The ND Computer Store offers rental computers to Notre Dame faculty, staff and students. These rental units can help you remain productive when your computer is being repaired, when you need a laptop for a trip, or when you need to study in a remote location. They have a variety of Windows and Mac laptops available for rent. Configurations may vary, so please provide hardware and software needs when you make your reservation.

Fines & Liability

  • Overdue fines are $10.00 per hour
  • Borrowers are responsible for hardware and software damage (library staff inspect equipment when they are returned)
  • Replacement costs include accrued overdue fines


  • Never leave equipment unattended. Borrower is responsible if laptop is left unattended and stolen
  • Do not put laptop or scanner in the book return. If you miss the closing deadline - give the item to the Monitors
  • Laptops, projector and scanners may not leave the Library
  • Report hardware and software problems immediately to Circulation/Reserves staff

If you have questions about computer checkout policies, contact the Hesburgh Library Circulation Desk for assistance.

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Closed/locked Individual Study Carrels

  • Available to Graduate Students, working on dissertation, in the College of Arts & Letters.
  • Submit application to the Dean's office in the College of Arts and Letters
  • Keys are issued at the Hesburgh Circulation Desk
  • A $100.00 refundable deposit is due at check out. Deposit will be returned if the carrel key is returned and carrel is clean.
  • Carrel is for your use only and may not be shared with an unauthorized person
  • All library materials in the carrels must be charged out
  • Carrels are checked regularly for overdue materials and materials not charged out. These materials will be removed and returned to their home location

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Lokmobiles ("desk on wheels")

  • Available to graduate students (priority) and seniors working on a thesis
  • $3 non-refundable fee is due at check out
  • Request at Hesburgh Circulation Desk
  • Lokmobile is for your use and may not be loaned or passed to another person
  • Keep lokmobile locked. Libraries are not responsible for the loss or damage to any articles kept in the lokmobile
  • Library materials must be charged out
  • Lokmobiles arechecked regularly for overdue materials and materials not charged out. These materials will be removed and returned to their home location

Other library study space options

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Hesburgh Library Lost and Found

Library visitors are expected to monitor their belongings, especially valuables, at all times while using library facilities.

Lost and Found for the Hesburgh Library is located at the Monitor's office.

The following guidelines are followed when dealing with items turned over to staff at the Hesburgh Library Circulation Desk.  Branch libraries have their own procedures.

If items are clearly marked with name or contact information, staff will attempt to email or phone the owner.

Valuable items such as laptop computers, cell phones, jewelry, wallets and purses:

  • Taken to the Monitor's desk and secured in a locked area
  • Items are turned over to NDSP as soon as possible after received

University ID's:

  • Cardholders are notified by email when their card is turned in to the Circulation Services Desk staff. 
  • Unclaimed cards are sent via campus mail to Card Services daily

Non-valuable items such as clothing, computer cables, shoes, notebooks, water bottles, and umbrellas:

  • Held in a bin behind the Monitors desk
  • Held until unclaimed items are picked up by NDSP

 Personal books and Non-Notre Dame library books that are returned in the Circulation return bins:

  • Non-Notre Dame library books are given to the Interlibrary Loan unit to mail back to its home library. Patron is ultimately responsible for the item.
  • Personal books are held at the Circulation/Reserves desk for three weeks.
  • Unclaimed personal books are turned over to Gifts and Sales for addition to collection, or sent to the booksale or Better World Books.

Notre Dame Security Police Lost and Found Department is located in the Parking Office at 119 Hammes Mowbray Hall, Notre Dame IN 46556-5675. Between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday thru Friday, Students, Faculty, Staff and Visitors are encouraged to inquire about lost or misplaced articles. You may inquire online, in person or you can phone at (574) 631-5036. Correspondence can be sent via e-mail to or through standard mail to Lost and Found, 119 Hammes Mowbray Hall, Notre Dame IN 46556-5675.

To SEARCH NDSP database of found items click here .

To REPORT a lost item click here.

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Notary Public Service

The Hesburgh Libraries has a licensed Notary Public on staff who will provide a free notary service to university students, faculty, and staff. Please understand that the Notary may not be able to notarize your document(s) for various reasons, the decision to notarize a document is at the discretion of the Notary. Those in need of notary services are requested to bring the following items to the Circulation/Reserves desk:

• Document to be notarized (unsigned) please include all needed copies of the document. DO NOT SIGN your document until you are in front of the notary!!! A Notary Public is prohibited from notarizing previously signed documents

• You must show government-issued photo identification for notary services. Generally acceptable forms of identification are U.S. state driver's and nondriver's IDs, driver's licenses issued by Canada or Mexico, U.S. passports and visas, federal IDs issued to U.S. government employees including military personnel, and alien registration "green cards." Your Notre Dame ID is not a valid form of identification for notarizations.

Notary Services are generally available from 9:00 am until 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday ONLY. No appointment is necessary but it is recommended. Contact information.

Other Notaries on campus:

  • Office of Human Resources
  • Office of the Registrar

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Document shredding

Identity thieves are often highly skilled, but taking a few basic precautions will increase your chance to avoid becoming a victim by making it difficult for them to get the information they need. The University has a signed agreement with Shred-It for the secure destruction of confidential documents. Hesburgh Library has two (2) 32 gallon locked bins placed near the Circulation/Reserve Desk for you to use to put documents that are of sensitive nature. Shred bins will be emptied periodically, and the contents will be shredded on-site by Shred-It. This is a service provided by the University, and there is no charge for participating in this program. For more information regarding the program please see, or to request a bin, please contact Mary Rose Nowicki in the University Archives at 574-631-9354, or

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USGS map printing service

The U.S. Geological Survey map printing service is provided by the Frontline Services unit in support of the curriculum and research needs of University of Notre Dame students, faculty, staff and the local community, as guaranteed by public law (Title 44 United States Code). All other large scale printing is available at FedEx Kinkos on and off campus.

USGS map print-on-demand policy

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Please contact the Hesburgh Library Circulation Services Desk for assistance.