Academic Genealogy Project

An academic genealogy traces ones academic pedigree through the line of Ph.D. dissertation supervisors and/or post-doc supervisors.

The focus of the project is current members of the departments of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Physics at the University of Notre Dame.  I also have included emeritus faculty in the list.  My focus has been on doctoral advisors not post-doct advisors although I have included some post-doc advisors.

The method used to determine the lineage is the acknowledgement section of dissertations (when possible) in conjunction with personal communication (when possible), other academic genealogies on the web (Chemical Genealogy & Mathematics Genealogy Project are very helpful), and biographies & histories - especially Poggendorff for supervisors of European scientists during the late 1800s and early 1900s.  I did not attempt to determine individuals who might have had an intellectual impact on the person.

The list shows the academic genealogy of each member or emeritus of the two departments listed above. Click on any name in the genealogy to get a pdf with more information about the person.

If you have additions or corrections or comments then please let me know.

Academic genealogies for the ND departments of:

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Other academic genealogies:

Artificial Intelligence


Mathematics Genealogy Project


Software Engineering Academic Genealogy

Theoretical Computer Science Genealogy