Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, and Interdisciplinary Databases:

  • Applied Science & Technology Abstracts
    Indexes and abstracts general science and engineering periodicals in covering various aspects of engineering, mathematics, physics, and computer technology. 1984-present.
  • Astrophysics Data System
    Indexes and abstracts journals in astronomy, astrophysics, geophysics,instrumentation, and physics.
  • CHEMnetBase
  • Cambridge Structural Database System see WebCSD
    Includes bibliographic, chemical and crystallographic information for organic molecules and metal-organic compounds whose 3D structures have been determined using X-ray diffraction or neutron diffraction.
  • ChemDraw (ChemBioOffice Ultra)
    Chemical structure drawing progam.  For questions, contact Engineering and Science Computing group:
  • CrossFire see Reaxys
  • e-EROS Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis
       eEROS is a database of over 48,000 reactions and approximately 3,500 of the most frequently consulted reagents. The database is fully searchable by structure and substructure, reagent, reaction type, experimental conditions, and allows for sophisticated full text searches.
  • Dissertation Abstracts
    The complete range of academic subjects appearing in dissertations accepted at accredited institutions. 1861-present.
  • Notre Dame Electronic Theses and Dissertations, 2002 - present
    This is a collection electronic Masters and Ph.D. theses and dissertations (ETD's) available from the University of Notre Dame.
  • General Science Abstracts
    Journals and magazines from the U.S. and Great Britain, covering such subjects as anthropology, astronomy, biology, computers, earth sciences, medicine, and health. 1984-present.
  • INSPEC (Physics Abstracts)
    Provides access to the world's scientific and technical literature in physics, electrical engineering, electronics, communications, control engineering, computers, computing, information technology, manufacturing, production and mechanical engineering. 1898-present.
  • Journal Citation Reports
    Journal Citation Reports (JCR) provides easy access to data (impact factors, most cited journals, etc.) that helps you evaluate and compare scholarly journals.
  • NCBI - Entrez
  • Established in 1988, the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), is a national resource for molecular biology information. NCBI creates public databases, develops software tools for analyzing genome data, and disseminates biomedical information.
  • Orange Book (FDA)
  • Organic Syntheses.
    Presents detailed experimental methods for synthesis of organic compounds.1921-present
       Technical Report Archive and Image Library
  • WebCSD   
       Cambridge Structural Database



  • CERN
    Monthly listings from 1994 onwards of preprints from CERN, preprints received and scanned at CERN, and some of Los Alamos eprint archives.
  • e-Print Archive
    Open access to 537,283 e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative finance and Statistics
  • SLAC
    Search more than 400,000 high-energy physics related articles, including journal papers, preprints, e-prints, technical reports, conference papers and theses, received by the SLAC and/or DESY libraries since 1974.
  • ProceedingsFirst
    Citations of every congress, symposium, conference, exposition, workshop and meeting received at The British Library.
  • Reaxys
    Online version of Beilstein and Gmelin which include reaction paths, patent chemistry database and physical property data for organic, inorganic, organometallic compounds. 1771 - present
  • SciFinder Web
    Client access to Chemical Abstracts (1907 - present) and Medline (1955 - present). Licensed for one simultaneous user.
  • Web of Science
    Multidisciplinary/Interdisciplinary subject author searching AND cited reference searching. There are three sections to this database:
    Science: 1900 - present
    Social Science: 1956 - present
    Arts & Humanities: 1975 - present

Other Science Databases:

  • Biological Abstracts
    Indexes and abstracts current research in agriculture, biochemistry, biomedicine, biotechnology, botany, ecology, microbiology, pharmacology, and zoology. 1985-present.
  • Compendex (Engineering Index)
    Ei covers literature that makes a definite contribution to knowledge in the subject areas of applied physics, chemical and process engineering, civil engineering, computers and data processing, electronics communication, and mechanical engineering. 1884-
  • GeoRef (info)
    GeoRef is the CD-ROM version of the American Geological Institute's geoscience database containing over 1.9 million records of North America since 1785, and other areas of the world since 1933.
  • MathSciNet
    MathSciNet covers Mathematical Reviews and provides the full text of all reviews from 1940 to the present.
  • Medline
    Journals published internationally, covering all areas of medicine. 1965-present.