Location and Call No. Information

Table of Contents:

  • Determining what goes to Medieval Institute
  • Publication dates always sent to Rare Books
  • Music call numbers
  • Routing of problem call numbers, including Z call numbers used and not used at ND

To determine whether an item goes to Medieval Institute consult the Medieval Institute Collection Policy.

Items belonging in the Rare Book Coll.

Items published in and before 1830 belong in the Rare Book Collection. Do not process such items. Instead, place them on the Special Coll. shelf, with a note "Pre-1831 publication."

Items less than 12 cm in height should also be placed on the Special Coll. shelf, with a note "Less than 12 cm."

Note: If the item has been designated for the Medieval Institute , then it should be submitted to Marina Smyth to decide whether or not the Institute will opt to keep it there or pass it on to Special Collections.


All items classed in M should be placed on the Music Librarian's shelf for cataloging. However, items classed in ML or MT will be processed by Cataloging.

Routing of records with call number problems. Route to the Copy Unit supervisor in Cataloging when:


  • No 050 or 090 in record
  • 090 has wording "Non-LC" after call number
  • 090 has a class together call number, and there is no series on the piece, or, if there is a series, it is classed separately at ND
  • 090 has a Cutter with lower-case letter(s) after the number portion. For example: W873po.

          (Note that lower-case letters after the date in the call number are OK (e.g. 1984a, 1900z, 1993b)

          (Also note that an 'x' after a Cutter should be deleted; e.g. change .W38x to .W38)

  • 050 or 090 has only PZ1-4 with no alternative call number
  • Z call number in the "Not OK" column, below:
Z4-Z4980 Z5051-Z6525
Z6601-Z6625 Z6651-Z8999