CCL Commands

WYR (Year of publication)
   Example: WYR=1638
WLN (Language)
   Example: WLN=dan   ( List of language codes .)
WMN (Music Publisher Number)
   Example: WMN=M051351619
WMD (Time Period of Content)
   Example: WMD=x1x3
WMF (Form of Musical Composition)
   Example: WMF=co
WMM (Number of Musical Instruments or Voices )
   Example: WMM=wi01
WAU (All Authors)
   Example: WAU=walter mare
WPE (Authors, Personal)
   Example: WPE=lope vega
WMC (Music Composer)
   Example: WMC=john playford
WMP (Music Performer)
   Example: WMP=gerd zacher
WCO (Authors, Corporate)
   Example: WCO=committee disarmament
WME (Authors, Conference or Meeting)
   Example: WME=string processing
WUT (Uniform titles)
   Example: WUT=rgveda
WTI (Titles)
   Example: WTI=fire ice
WTT (Title Page title)
   Example: WTT=moby dick AND WPE=davis
WPL (Place of publication)
   Example: WPL=koblenz AND WYR=17?
WPU (Publisher)
   Example: WPU=dominics
WSE (Series)
   Example: WSE=earth processes
WNO (All Notes)
   Example: WNO=blind tooled
WTH (Thesis Note)
   Example: WTH=yale 1896
WSU (All subjects)
   Example: WSU=planetary
WSP (Subjects, Personal)
   Example: WSP=melville AND WTT=moby
WSC (Subjects, Corporate)
   Example: WSC=salem athenaeum
WSM (Subjects, Conference or meeting)
   Example: WSM=everest expedition
WSF (Subjects, Uniform Title)
   Example: WSF=rgveda
WSG (Subjects, Geographic)
   Example: WSG=pitcairn
WGN (Genre Term)
   Example: WGN=diaries
WLK (Linking Entry)
   Example: WLK=Scottish literary journal
WRD (Almost all fields) WFM (Format)
   Example: WFM=se AND WFS=m
WFS (Secondary Format)
   Example: WFS=m AND WFM=bk
WPD (Specific Material Designation)
   Example: WPD=vf AND WLN=rus
WLC (LC Call number)
   Example: WLC=Oversize and WCL=715Q
WSD (Call number, SuDocs)
WCL (Sub-library or collection)
   Example: WCL=MEDIN 715Q
WSR (Suppressed Record)
   (Staff use only)
010 (Library of Congress Control Number)
   Example: 010=95008747 (add enough zeros after the two year digits to make 6 digits following the year)
020 (ISBN)
   (Example: 020=3534024419?) (must have question mark at end)
022 (ISSN)
   Example: 022=1097-4806