Aleph ctrl + F8 Function Key FAQ

1. What is the Aleph ctrl + F8 function?
The Aleph ctrl + F8 function gives you choices appropriate for selected MARC subfields.

2. How does the ctrl + F8 function work?
Put your cursor in the subfield with ctrl + F8 choices where text is to be entered and press ctrl + F8 or the Tab key. The choices appear in a window. Double click the choice you want (or highlight and click OK), and the text appears in the cataloging record.

3. Does the ctrl + F8 function work in items, serials checkin, etc?
Ctrl + F8 only works in the Aleph cataloging application. Ctrl + F8 choices have been set up for bib, authority, admin and holdings records.

4. Some of the lists seem kind of long. Is there a quick way to find what I want?
When the window with the ctrl + F8 choices appears, type the first letter of the choice you want. The highlight jumps to the first choice in the list beginning with that letter. If more than one choice begins with that letter, keep pressing the letter to move to the next item in the list beginning with that letter.

Another shortcut is to put your cursor in the field with ctrl + F8 choices, type the first several letters of the choice you want, then press the Tab key. The ctrl + F8 window will open the list at the first choice beginning with the text you have typed.

5. How do I know what subfields have ctrl + F8 choices?
See the ALEPH tag_text table which defines current ctrl + F8 choices (PDF file).

6. I'd like to add some choices to the ctrl + F8 list. How do I do that?
Send an email message with your request to the Aleph Discuss listserv. Tom Lehman, working with Systems, will process the request.

7. I use the tab key to move around in templates, and don't want to have the ctrl + F8 choices pop up. Can I prevent the tab key from activating the ctrl + F8 function?
Yes. Go to:

H:\al500\catalog\tab\catalog.ini    and search for tab .

This will bring you to a short section labelled "TabCompletion." Set TabCompletion= N (instead of Y) and save the file. You will have to exit the Catalog application and reopen it to see the change.

This will prevent the Tab key from bringing up the ctrl + F8 options, but you can still see them when you need to by hitting the ctrl + F8 key (or selecting Search sub-field options on the Search menu).