A Basic Bibliography for Byzantine Studies

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Art and Architecture Dictionaries, Bibliographies, Indices, Surveys
Hymnography Bibliographies, Surveys
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Literature Bibliographies / Surveys
Numismatics (Seals)
Patristics (Hagiography) Bibliographies, Surveys, Texts


Please note that while some key digital resources have been included in this bibliography, for a complete listing of digital resources mentioned by this Web site you should visit the Digital Resources section.

The Milton V. Anastos Library of Byzantine Civilization

40,000 volume private collection of one of America's leading Byzantinists, acquired by Notre Dame in 1997. For more information on the Anastos collection and Byzantine studies, please read Bringing Byzantine Studies to Notre Dame from Access: News from the University Libraries of Notre Dame (no.76, Spring 2000).

DF 501-650: Byzantine History | BX 200-754: Eastern Orthodox Church
PA 5101-5390: Byzantine Literature | Reference Collection

HESB GEN = Hesburgh Library General Collection
MEDIN = Medieval Institute Library (Hesburgh Library 7th Floor)
HESB BYZRF = Hesburgh Library Byzantine Reference (Hesburgh Library 8th Floor)
REF GEN = Hesburgh Library General Reference (Hesburgh Library 1st Floor)

Source Collections

Achives de l’Athos. Paris : P. Lethielleux, 1937- .
20 v. (ongoing)

HESB GEN BX 385 .A82 | HESB BYZRF BX 385 .A82

Collection of archival documents from (so far) 12 monasteries on Mount Athos. Perhaps the richest extant source of official Byzantine state records. Text volume provides description, analysis, bibliography and transcription of the documents; accompanying album volume provides photographic copy of the originals.

Catholic Church. Councils. Acta conciliorum oecumenicorum. Berolini : W. de Gruyter, 1914- .
4 v. in 17

HESB GEN BR 200 .Sch95 | HESB BYZRF BR 200 .S39 1914

Corpus fontium historiae byzantinae
(CFHB). [Various locations] : 1967-
v. 1-34, 36, 39

HESB GEN (5 v. at various call numbers) | HESB BYZRF DF 503 .C67

Critical updating of historical texts found in the "Bonn" edition. Collaboration of scholars in various locations (Washington DC, Berlin, Vienna, Thessaloniki, Brussels, and Rome). Some volumes have facing translations (English, French, German or Italian).

Corpus scriptorum historiae byzantinae. Bonn : Weber, 1828-1878.
50 v.

The "Bonn" edition. Still in many cases the critical editions of Byzantine historical literature. Latin translation at the foot of the page.

Migne, J.-P. (Jacques-Paul). Patrologiae cursus completus ... series graeca (PG). Parisiis : Garnier, 1857-92.
161 v. in 166

HESB GEN BR 63 .M588pg | MEDIN BR 63 .M588pg | HESB BYZRF BR 63 .M588pg   Google Book

Still often the "critical" edition of Byzantine texts (e.g. Moschos). Voluminous compilation from Clement to Bessarion (d. 1472). Facing Latin translations are helpful if often sloppy.

Miklosich, Franz, Ritter von. Acta et diplomata Graeca medii aevi sacra et profana. Aalen : Scientie Verlag, 1968
6 v.

HESB GEN BX 300 .M5 | HESB BYZRF BX 300 .M5 1860a   Google Book

Miscellaneous collection of imperial, patriarchal, provincial and monastic acts.

Dölger, Franz. Regesten der Kaiserurkunden des oströmischen Reiches von 565-1453. München & Berlin : Oldenbourg & Beck, 1924-1965
5 v.

HESB BYZRF DF 503 .R43 1924

Short descriptions in chronological order of Byzantine imperial documents with detailed citation to their source and tradition.

Les Regestes des actes du Patriarcat de Constantinople ... Paris : Socii Assumptionistae Chalcedonenses, 1932- 
2 v. in 8 (Le Patriarcat byzantin ; sér. 1)

HESB GEN BX 410 .R4 1932 | HESB BYZRF BX 410 .R4 1932

Chronological list of patriarchal acts noting their "texte, mentions, littérature, critique et chronologie."

Sathas, Konstantinos N. Mesaionike vivliotheke. En Venetia : Typois tou Chronou, 1872-94.
7 v.

HESB BYZRF DF 503 .S38 1872   Google Book

Miscellaneous collection of Byzantine texts (letters, funeral orations, court documents, etc.). Best known for v.4-5 which contain works by Psellos found nowhere else. Also works by Attaleiates and Choniates.

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG)

ND access only

A digital library which aspires to include the entire corpus of Greek literature from Homer (8th century B.C.) to the present era. Many Byzantine authors now available. Click on "Search the Online TLG®/ Subscribers:/Institutions" in the left hand frame to enter the database.

Many Byzantine texts are included in the Bibliotheca scriptorum Graecorum et Romanorum Teubneriana, Sources Chrétiennes and Loeb Classical Library.

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Dictionaries and Handbooks

The Oxford dictionary of Byzantium (ODB). New York : Oxford University Press, 1991.
3 v.

MEDIN 715 DF 521 .O93 1991 | REF GEN DF 521 .O93 1991 | HESB BYZRF DF 521 .O93 1991

The Byzantine studies reference book. Remarkable collaboration and achievement of leading Byzantine scholars under the editorial leadership of Alexander Khazdan. More than 5000 entries. Interdisciplinary approach; articles often written by more than one author. "Deliberate attempt to emphasize realia and the man in the street." Short bibliographies of secondary literature and citation to the best edition and translations of primary sources.

The Oxford handbook of Byzantine studies / edited by Elizabeth Jeffreys with John Haldon and Robin Cormack. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.                             

HESB BYZRF DF 552 .O93 2008



Author index of Byzantine studies [microform] / edited by Jelisaveta Stanojevich. [Zug, Switzerland] : IDC, [1986].
170 microfiches

MEDIN GEN Microfiche 4 x 6

Microfiche reproduction of the card catalogue maintained at Dumbarton Oaks of all the annotated bibliographic entries published in Byzantinische Zeitschrift from v.1 (1892) through v.74 (1981). Works by and on an author are filed together. No subject access. Index also provides access to Festschriften, congresses and biographical notices of Byzantinists.

Bibliography on Women in Byzantium

Free web access

This bibliography was prepared by Thalia Gouma-Peterson (College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio), Alice-Mary Talbot, Judith Herrin, Margaret Schaus, Ewald Kislinger, Carolyn L. Connor, Anne McClanan, Thelma K. Thomas, Anne Derbes, and Christine Havice, Dusan Korac, and Radivoj Radic. It includes material from bibliographies by Chris Africa, Gillian Clark, Monica Green, Paul Halsall, Judith Herrin, and Abdulaziz Ramadan.

Byzantinische Zeitschrift. Bibliographie

ND access only

Cumulative bibliography of articles and monographs cited in Byzantinische Zeitschrift , v. 84-93 (1991-2000), and supplements 1-3.

Hanawalt, Emily Albu. An annotated bibliography of Byzantine sources in English translation. Brookline, Mass. : Hellenic College Press, c1988.

HESB BYZRF DF 521 .H363 1988 | MEDIN GEN DF 521 .H363 1988

Handy annotated list that includes not only monographs but translations in journals as well.

International Medieval Bibliography

ND access only

Index and abstracts of scholarly articles relating to medieval culture (1967-1997)

Karayannopoulos, I. E. & Günter Weiss. Quellenkunde zur Geschichte von Byzanz (324-1453). Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 1982. 2 v.

HESB BYZRF DF 505 .K37 1982

Dense and indispensable bibliography of Byzantine history. First volume discusses the methodology and typology of both Byzantine and non-Byzantine sources. Volume two contains author notices within chapters for each Byzantine century subdivided by genre. Includes short biographical notices, works, sources, editions, translations and secondary literature. Use of the term HAUPTQUELLE throughout the text draws the reader’s attention to the primary value of any given work.

Moravcsik, Gyula. Byzantinoturcica. 2. durchgearb. Aufl. Berlin, Akademie-Verlag, 1958. 2 v.

MEDIN GEN DS 26 .M831 | HESB BYZRF DS 26 ,M67 1958

Volume 1 contains both narrative chapters on Byzantium’s Turkic neighbors, each with dense bibliographies of secondary literature, and an alphabetical biobibliography of Byzantine authors. Superceded by Karayannopolous but still helpful for its inclusion of a brief "Textüberlieferung" for each author as well as citations to passages which mention Turkic peoples. Volume 2 is a list of Turkic words found in Byzantine sources.

Weiss, Günter. Byzanz: kritischer Forschungs- und Literarurbericht 1968-1985. München : Oldenbourg, 1986. (Historische Zeitschrift : Sonderheft ; Bd. 14)

HESB GEN D 1 .H6292 Sonderheft no.14 1986

Extremely useful handbook of short "state of the art" evaluations of all categories of Byzantine bibliography. Full citation of titles mentioned in the text provided in footnote.


Byron, Robert. The Byzantine achievement : an historical perspective, A.D. 330- 1453. London ; New York : Routledge, 1987.

HESB GEN DF 531 .B8 1987

A 24 year old prodigy’s enthusiastic account of his "delighted discovery" of Byzantium. Irreverent, exaggerated, abstract, but often brilliant as well. My favorite chapter: "The Triple Fusion."

The Cambridge medieval history [2d. ed.]. Cambridge [Eng.] : University Press, 1967-69. 8 v. in 9.
Contents Note: v. 1 & 2 (Byzantine history till 716); v. 4 The Byzantine Empire: pt. 1, Byzantium and its neighbours; pt. 2, Government, church, and civilization.

HESB GEN D 117 .C145 | MEDIN 715 D 117 .C145 | HESB BYZRF D 117 .C145

Long and detailed topical aritcles by the leading lights of Byzantine scholarship’s previous generation.  Excellent classified bibliographies of primary source collections, general works and specialized studies (pre-1961).  Chapter 3 (v.4: pt.1) “Iconoclasm and Imperial Rule 717-842” is by Milton Anastos himself.

Koukoules, Phaidon. Vyzantinon vios kai politismos. En Athenais, 1948-1955. 6 v.

HESB BYZRF DF 521 .K68 1953

Dry and uncritical but well known to all serious Byzantinists. An indispensable source of primary source citations on all aspects of Byzantine social history. Dancing, hunting, eating & drinking, clothing, furniture, gambling, transportation, cursing, you name it. Also the curious chapter "Ta ou phoneta ton vyzantinon" (sexuality).

Mango, Cyril A. Byzantium, the empire of New Rome. New York : Scribner, 1980.

HESB GEN DF 521 .M36 1980 | HESB BYZRF DF 521 .M36 1980

Common text of survey courses on Byzantine history. Topically organized and a good bibliography.

Ostrogorski, Georgije. History of the Byzantine State. 2nd ed. Oxford : Blackwell, 1968.

HESB GEN DF 552.5 .O85 1968 | HESB BYZRF DF 552.5 .O85153 1969

Long standard survey of Byzantine history. Chronologically organized; solid but a tough read. First chapter on the development of Byzantine studies is helpful as are discussions of the sources at the head of each chapter. Specific bibliographic citations to secondary literature at the head of each subchapter.

Oxford History of Byzantium. Oxford; New York : Oxford University Press, 2002.

HESB GEN DF 504.5 .O94 2002

Edited by Cyril Mango. Contributors include Paul Magdalino, Ihor Sevcenko, Warren Treadgold , Clive Foss and Elizabeth Jeffreys.

Treadgold, Warren T. A history of the Byzantine state and society. Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 1997.

HESB GEN DF 552 .T65 1997

A comprehensive survey of Byzantine civilization. Includes a helpful and current "Bibliographic survey" (p.893-920). Illustrated throughout; good maps.

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Art and Architecture


Reallexikon zur byzantinischen Kunst. Stuttgart : Anton Hiersemann, 1963-

HESB GEN N 6250 .R288 (Lieferungen 1-25 [A-Koimesis]) | HESB BYZRF: In process (Lieferungen 1-41 [A-Menologion])

Long and detailed articles with long and detailed bibliographies. Many illustrations and diagrams. Hopes to include 600 of these topical articles when complete; presently at Lieferung 43 (somewhere in the N’s).


Allen, Jelisaveta S. Literature on Byzantine art, 1892-1967. [London] : Published [by] Mansell for the Dumbarton Oaks Center for Byzantine Studies, Washington, 1973-76. 2 v. in 3 (Dumbarton Oaks bibliographies ; ser. 1)

REF GEN Z 5933.3 .A45 | HESB BYZRF N 6250 .A44 1973

Entries on art historical literature taken from v.1-60 of the Byzantinische Zeitschrift. First volume arranged topographically; the second by subject and medium categories. Fully indexed.

Kleinbauer, W. Eugene. Early Christian and Byzantine architecture : an annotated bibliography and historiography. Boston, Mass. : G.K. Hall & Co., c1992.

HESB BYZRF NA 360 .K64 1992

Includes over 2600 annotated entries. General categories followed by an alphabetically arranged list of Topics. His "Prolegomena to a Historiography of Early Christian and Byzantine Architecture" (p.xxiii) is unique and interesting.


Index of Christian Art. (Princeton University)

Free web access

"This is the largest database of medieval art in existence with full-text records for nearly 18,000 works of art dating from early apostolic times to A.D. 1400. Each work, depending on the medium can have up to fifty different classification fields, including data such as location /ownership, date, school, style, etc. The subject matter of each work is classified under one or more of the 26,000 subject terms developed over eighty years by the Index and a full-text description accompanies each work."


The glory of Byzantium : art and culture of the Middle Byzantine era, A.D. 843-1261 / edited by Helen C. Evans and William D. Wixom. New York : Metropolitan Museum of Art : Distributed by H.N. Abrams, c1997.

MEDIN GEN N 6250 .G55 1997 | HESB BYZRF N 6250 .G55 1997

Beautifully published exhibition catalog of an exhibit held at the MET from March to July, 1997. 59 scholars contribute articles and bibliographies on 350 works.

Krautheimer, Richard. Early Christian and Byzantine architecture. (4th ed.) Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England ; New York, N.Y. : Penguin Books, 1986.

HESB GEN N 5300 .A1 K91 1986

Lowden, John. Early Christian & Byzantine art. London : Phaidon, 1997.

HESB GEN N 7832 .L563 1997

Mango, Cyril A. Byzantine architecture. New York : H. N. Abrams, 1976, c1974.

ARCH GEN NA 370 .M36 1976 | MEDIN OVER NA 370 .M36 1976

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Haldon, John. Palgrave Atlas of Byzantine History. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan,  2005.
HESB BYZRF G 1781 .S1 H3 2005
Janin, Raymond. Constantinople byzantine ; développement urbain et répertoire topographique. 2. éd. Paris : Institut français d’études byzantines, 1964 (Archives de l’Orient chrétien ; 4A)

HESB GEN DR 729 .J33 | HESB BYZRF DR 729 .J33

Begins with a bibliography of sources and a general survey of the geography of Constantinople. Followed by an alphabetical listing of the "quarters and localités" of the city, most with bibliographic notices. Several folded maps.

Janin, Raymond. La Géographie ecclésiastique de l'Empire byzantin. 2. éd. Paris : Institut français byzantines, 1969.
Contents: 1. Ptie. Le Siège de Constantinople et le patriarcat oecuménique. T. 3. Les Églises et les monastères.

HESB GEN BX 323 .J35 | HESB BYZRF BX 300 .J36 1953

Alphabetical listing of the ecclesiastical sites of Constantinople and its vicinity with bibliographies. Several folded maps.

Janin, Raymond. Les églises et les monastères des grands centres byzantins. Paris : 1975.

HESB BYZRF BX 752 .T9 J36 1975

Companion volume to above. Alphabetical listing of the ecclesiastical sites of the other major Byzantine centers.

Müller-Wiener, Wolfgang. Bildlexikon zur Topographie Istanbuls: Byzantion, Konstantinupolis, Istanbul bis zum Beginn d. 17. Jh. Tübingen : Wasmuth, 1977.

HESB BYZRF NA 1370 .M83 1977

Prinzing, Günter. Ortsnamenindex zu stadtgeschichtlichen Arbeiten aus der Byzantinistik. Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 1994.

MEDIN DF 504.5 .P7 1994

Useful index to the mention of Byzantine cities in eleven leading monographs.

Tabula Imperii Byzantini. Wien : Verlag de Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1976-. 9 v.


Detailed topographical maps accompany text volumes of alphabetically listed descriptions of geographical sites. Bibliographic notices of both sources and secondary literature.

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Follieri, Enrica. Initia hymnorum ecclesiae Graecae. Città del Vaticano : Biblioteca apostolica vaticana, 1960-66. 5v. in 6 ( Studi e testi, 211-215 bis)

MEDIN GEN BX 804 .V455 no.211-215 | HESB BYZRF BX 804 .V455

References the editions of the Greek liturgy published in the late 19th c. at Rome and Venice.

Szövérffy, Joseph. A guide to Byzantine hymnography : a classified bibliography of texts and studies. Brookline, Mass : Classical Folia Editions ; Leyden : world distributor, E. J. Brill, 1978-1979. 2 v. (Medieval classics : texts and studies ; 11-12)

MEDIN GEN ML 128 .H8 S96 | HESB BYZRF ML 128 .H8 S96 1978

A complex classified bibliography; demands that the user work closely with its table of contents. Poorly typeset and difficult to read but a rich source.


Wellesz, Egon. A history of Byzantine music and hymnography. 2d ed. Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1961.

HESB GEN ML 188 .W459 1961 | HESB BYZRF ML 188 .W363 1961

Standard textbook of the field. Includes bibliography.

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Codex Theodosianus. Theodosiani libri XVI cum Constitutionibus Simmondianis : et leges novellae ad Theodosianum pertinentes. Berolini : apvd Weidmannos, 1954.

HESB BYZRF KJA 452.2 1954

Standard edition of the the Theodosian Code (438). Edited by Mommsen and Meyer.

Corpus Juris Civilis. Dublino, Turici : apud Weidmannos, 1963-66.

HESB BYZRF KJA 1063 .C67 1963    Google Book

Standard edition of Justinian's great codification (529-565). Edited by Mommsen and Krueger: v. 1. Institutiones, Digesta. -- v. 2. Codex Iustinianus. -- v. 3. Novellae.

Basilica. Basilicorum libri LX. Groningen : J.B. Wolters, 1953-

HESB BYZRF KJA 1412.2 1953

Ninth century codification of Byzantine law. Text and scholia series; edited by H.J. Scheltema et N. van der Wal.

Indices / Dictionaries

Nicolini, Ugo and Franca Sinatti d'Amico. Indices corporis iuris civilis iuxta vetustiores editiones cum criticis collatas. Mediolani : Giuffrè, 1964-1970.

HESB BYZRF KJA 1064 .S56 1964

Index to the titles, paragraphs and laws of the Corpus Juris Civilis, including cross references to medieval and modern editions. Pars 1. Index titulorum -- Pars. 2 Index legum. v. 1. A-G. -- v. 2. H-P. -- v. 3. Q-Z. -- Pars 3. Index Paragraphorum.

Berger, Adolf. Encyclopedic dictionary of Roman law. Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society, 1953.

HESB BYZRF KJA 56 .B47 1953

Extremely helpful descriptions of Roman law terminology.

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Bibliographies / Surveys

Beck, Hans Georg. Geschichte der byzantinischen Volksliteratur. München, Beck, 1971. (Handbuch der Altertumswissenschaft. Abt. 12: Byzantinisches Handbuch, T. 2, Bd. 3)

HESB GEN DE 3 .H20 Abt.12 T.2 Bd.3 | HESB BYZRF DE 3 .H20 Abt.12 T.2 Bd.3

In tandem with Hunger’s Die hochsprachliche profane Literatur der Byzantiner, updates and supercedes Krumbacher’s famed Geschichte der byzantinischen litteratur von Justinian bis zum ende des Oströmischen reiches (1897). Citations to primary source editions inserted in the running text; heavily footnoted with secondary literature.

Beck, Hans Georg. Kirche und theologische Literatur im Byzantinischen Reich. München : Beck, 1959. (Handbuch der Altertumswissenschaft, 12. Abt. : Byzantinisches Handbuch, 2. T., 1. Bd.)

MEDIN 715 DE 3 .H20 12.Abt. 2.T. 1.Bd. | HESB BYZRF DE 3 .H20 Abt.12 T.2 Bd.1

Citations to primary source editions inserted in the running text; heavily footnoted with secondary literature.

Browning, Robert. Medieval and modern Greek. 2nd ed. Cambridge [Cambridgeshire] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1983.

MEDIN GEN PA 1050 .B7 1983 | HESB BYZRF PA 1050 .B7 1983

Chp.2-4 contain a detailed but succinct account of the linguistic development of Byzantine Greek.

Hunger, Herbert. Die hochsprachliche profane Literatur der Byzantiner. München : Beck, 1978. 2 v. (Handbuch der Altertumswissenschaft ; v. 12, Abt. 5)
Contents note: Bd. 1. Philosophie, Rhetorik, Epistolographie, Geschichtsschreibung, Geographie -- Bd. 2. Philologie, Profandichtung, Musik, Mathematik und Astronomie Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Kriegswissenschaft, Rechtsliteratur

HESB BYZRF DE 3 .H20 Abt.12 T.5 Bd.1,2

The standard reference book on Byzantine literature. Dense bibliographies after each chapter; general monographs and secondary literature arranged chronologically, but the arrangement of editions of the primary sources is unclear.

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Gardthausen, Viktor Emil. Griechische-Palaeographie. 2. Aufl. Leipzig, Veit & Comp., 1911-1913. 2 v.
Contents Note: 1. Bd. Das Buch & Buchwesen im Altertum und im byzantinischen Mittelalter.--2. Bd. Die Schrift, Unterschriften und Chronologie im Altertum und im byzantinischen Mittelalter.

MEDIN 715Q Z 114 .G24 1911 | HESB BYZRF Z 114 .G24 1978

Standard handbook of Greek paleography. Includes abbreviation lists (v.2, p.335-352) and very helpful charts (at the back of v.2) of the letter forms from ca. 100 manuscripts in chronological order (4c. BCE to 1496).


Pinakes: textes et manuscrits grecs

Descriptive database of Greek manuscripts hosted by the Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Textes.

Spatharakis, Iohannis. Corpus of dated illuminated Greek manuscripts : to the year 1453. Leiden : Brill, 1981. 2 v. (Byzantina Neerlandica ; fasc. 8, pars 1-2).

MEDIN OVER ND 2930 .S65 1981

Separate text and plate volumes of a "representative selection of specimen pages of dated Greek manuscripts." 350 examples with detailed bibliographies.

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Numismatics (Seals)

Byzantine Numismatics

Free web access

Collections of images of Byzantine coins, including examples from Venice, Serbia and Trebizond

Grierson, Philip. Byzantine coins. London : Methuen ; Berkeley : University of California Press, 1982.

HESB GEN CJ 1229 .G7 1982 | HESB BYZRF CJ 1229 .G7 1982

Comprehensive chronological survey of Byzantine coinage. Over 1500 examples. Short bibliography.

Laurent, V. Le corpus des sceaux de l'empire byzantin. Paris : Éditions du centre national de la recherche scientifique, 1963-1981. v. 2 & 5 (no more published)

MEDIN GEN CD 5513 .C822 | HESB BYZRF CD 5513 .C822 1963

Oikonomides, N. A collection of dated Byzantine lead seals. Washington : Dumbarton Oaks, 1986.

HESB BYZRF CD 5381 .O56 1986

Prosopography of the Byzantine world: PBW seals website 1025-1261.   Michael Jeffreys, Editor

Free web access

On-line database of Byzantine seals dating from 1025 to 1261.

Zacos, G. & A. Veglery. Byzantine lead seals. Basel, 1972; Bern, 1984. 2 v.

HESB BYZRF CD 5381 .Z33 1972

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Patristics (Hagiography)


Baur, Chrysostomus. Initia Patrum Graecorum. Città del Vaticano, Biblioteca apostolica vaticana, 1955. 2 v. (Studi e testi ; 180-181).

MEDIN GEN BX 804 .V455 no. 180-181 | HESB BYZRF BR 67 .B367 1955

Halkin, François. Bibliotheca hagiographica graeca. 3. éd. Bruxelles : Société des Bollandistes, 1957. 3 v. (Subsidia hagiographica, no. 8a).
Contents Note: t. 1. Aaron--Ioannes Baptista.--t. 2. Ioannes Calybita--Zoticus.--t. 3. Supplément, appendices et tables.

MEDIN GEN BX 4662 .Su16 v. 8a | HESB BYZRF BX 380 .H35 1957

Alphabetic listing of saints with notices to editions and manuscripts (including references to Ehrhard). Some cites to secondary literature.

Ehrhard, Albert. Überlieferung und Bestand der hagiographischen und homiletischen Literatur der griechischen Kirche von den Anfängen bis zum Ende des 16. Jahrhunderts. Leipzig : J. C. Hinrichs, 1937-1952. 3 v. (Texte und Untersuchungen zur Geschichte der altchristlichen Literatur ; Bd. 50-52)

MEDIN GEN BR 60 .T314 Bd.50-52 | HESB BYZRF BR 60 .T314 Bd.50-52

Dense account in 8 parts of the manuscript tradition of Greek hagiographic and homiletic literature. Halkin notes: Tous les savants qui utilisent ce monumental exposé de l’hagiographie grecque se plaignent de la difficulté ... Good luck.

Geerard, Maurice. Clavis Patrum Graecorum. Turnhout : Brepols, 1974-1987. 5 v. (Corpus Christianorum)

HESB GEN BR 60 .C81823 | MEDIN 715 BR 60 .C81823 | HESB BYZRF BR 60 .C81823

Detailed bibliographic entries on the works of the Greek Fathers (including the Councils) up to the mid-eighth century.

Quasten, Johannes. Patrology. Utrecht : Spectrum, 1966. 4 v.
Contents Note: v. 1. The beginnings of patristic literature -- v. 2. The Ante- Nicene literature after Irenaeus -- v. 3. The Golden Age of Greek patristic literature from the Council of Nicaea to the Council of Chalcedon -- v. 4. The Golden Age of Latin patristic literature from the Council of Nicaea to the Council of Chalcedon.

HESB GEN BR 67 .Q28 1966 | MEDIN 715 BR 67 .Q28 1966 | HESB BYZRF BR 67 .Q28

Short biographical notices of patristic authors and discussions of specific texts as well, often including long translated passages. Cites editions, translations and studies.


Hussey, J. M. (Joan Mervyn). The Orthodox Church in the Byzantine Empire. Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1986.

HESB GEN BX 300 .H87 1986 | HESB BYZRF BX 300 .H87 1986

General political history of the Orthodox Church from the seventh century to 1453. Helpful "Bibliographical note" (p.369-379) includes both titles and discussion.

Meyendorff, John. Byzantine theology : historical trends and doctrinal themes. 2d ed. New York : Fordham University Press, c1979, 1983.

HESB GEN BX 320.2 .M47 1983 | HESB BYZRF BX 320.2 .M47 1974 (1st ed.)


Dumbarton Oaks Hagiography Database

Free web access

Database of Greek hagiographical texts of the 8th-10th centuries. A hierarchical thesaurus of search terms makes this database extremely useful.

Byzantine Monastic Foundation Documents

Free web access
Printed versions: HESB BYZRF DF 504.5 .D86 v.35 | HESB GEN BX 385 .B9 B95 2000

Dumbarton Oaks' electronic collection "of accurate English translations, with commentaries and annotations, of all of the founders’ documents drawn up for medieval Byzantine monasteries for which there were available texts in printed editions."

Holy Women of Byzantium: Ten Saints' Lives in English Translation

Free web access
Printed version: HESB GEN BX 393 .H65 1996

Edited by Alice-Mary Talbot. "These vitae, ranging from the fifth to thirteenth centuries, also supplement traditional narrative histories by providing information on such aspects of Byzantine civilization as the impact of Arab and Bulgarian raids, iconoclasm, the monastic routine in convents, everyday family life and household management, and a smallpox epidemic in Thessalonike."

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Jones, A. H. M. et al. The prosopography of the later Roman Empire. Cambridge [Eng.] University Press, 1971-1992. 3 v.

HESB GEN DG 203.5 .J6 | HESB BYZRF DG 203.5 .J66 1971

Famous work covers the years 260-641.

Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire. John Robert Martindale, Editor
("PBE is a British Academy research project formally associated with the Prosopographie der mittelbyzantinischen Zeit by an inter-academy agreement")

ND access only

First half of this prosopography database (PBE 1) covers the years 641-867.

Prosopography of the Byzantine world: Prosopographical Reading of Byzantine Sources, 1025-1102 .   Michael Jeffreys, Editor

Free web access

Extremely useful prosopographical database of the middle Byzantine period.

Prosopography of the Byzantine world: PBW seals website 1025-1261.   Michael Jeffreys, Editor

Free web access

On-line database of Byzantine seals dating from 1025 to 1261.

Prosopographie der mittelbyzantinischen Zeit. Berlin : De Gruyter, 1998-. 6 v.

HESB BYZRF DF 506 .P76 1998

First half of this prosopography database (PMBZ) covers the years 641-867.

Trapp, Erich. Prosopographisches Lexikon der Palaiologenzeit. Wien : Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1976-1996. 12 Fasz. with addenda and index.

HESB BYZRF DF 506 .P7 1976

Prosopography of Greek name forms from 1259 to 1453.

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Byzantinische Zeitschrift (BZ)

HESB GEN DF 501 .B998 | HESB BYZRF DF 501 .B988

Standard journal of the field. Articles, book reviews and a comprehensive attempt to provide short notices to all current books and articles on Byzantium.


HESB GEN CB 231 .B999

Also contains bibliographical information and reviews. Slavic emphasis.