Mahaffey Business Library Team


Need a place to start? Calling our information desk is a great first step-- (574) 631-9098
We will triage your question appropriately and direct you to one of our team members as needed. We're here to help!


Kim Ferraro

Branch Library Coordinator

Office: L001C Mendoza College of Business
Phone: (574) 631-7438



Steve Hayes

Stephen Hayes

Entrepreneurial Spirit Endowed Business Librarian and
Director of Mahaffey Business Library

Office: L012 Mendoza College of Business
Phone: (574) 631-5268



Pete Photo

Barb (Pete) Pietraszewski

Business Librarian

Office: L001D Mendoza College of Business
Phone: (574) 631-9099




Student Assistants

Primary staff in the library after 6:00 p.m Monday through Thursday and all day on Sundays during the fall and spring semesters. They are glad to help!