Architecture Library Policies

Adherence to the policies is mandatory.  Anyone who repeatedly violates the policies of the Architecture Library will be asked to leave.

Thank you for making the Architecture Library a pleasant space for everyone to use.

Cell Phones

Please refrain from using cell phones in the Architecture Library



Food is NOT permitted anywhere in the Architecture Library with the exception of staff offices

Beverages must be in sealable, spill-resistant containers

Cans, fast-food type cups, coffee cups, and other open containers are not permitted

Beverages are not permitted in the Rare Book Room, Reference Room, Permanent Reserve Room, Course Reserve Room, or near the computers

Unattended Items

It is not permissible to leave unattended items in the library.

All items left unattended for longer than 10 minutes will be removed from tables and study areas and may be retrieved at the front desk.

You may not hold or reserve tables or study areas unless prior arrangements have been made with the Architecture Library staff.