Digital Library Services

Our Mission

The Digital Library Services Department is part of the Information Systems and Access Division. The department strives to provide innovative, feature rich, robust digital library technology solutions to advance research and scholarship in the information age. Supporting library collections, campus digital initiatives, and research data management, our services include digital resource preservation, data integrity, publication, description, discovery, collection management, digital exhibits, sharing and access controls, digitization automation, metadata management, and workflow management.

We seek success through collaboration within the Hesburgh Libraries, with campus partners, and externally. Campus partners include the Center for Research Computing (CRC), OIT, University Archives, DigitalND, and researchers in digital initiatives across campus.  Externally, we have entered into strategic partnerships such as the Hydra project. With other Hydra partners such as Stanford, Virginia, Hull, and Northwestern, we strive to pool our collectives resources to create groundbreaking digital library applications, tools, and services to solve common challenges across the community. We also aim to contribute any work we can back into the academic community at Notre Dame and beyond.

Our Team

Johnson, Rick
Head of Department
Balekai, Rajesh
Senior Programmer / Analyst
Brower, Don
Digital Library Infrastructure Lead
Brubaker Horst, Dan
Digital Library Applications Lead
Friesen, Jeremy
Project / Applications Developer
Lakshminarayanan, Banurekha “Banu”
Senior Programmer / Analyst