Collection Development

The Collection Development Department is a unit in the Resources and Collections Services Division of the University Libraries.

Collection Development responsibilities are threefold:

  1. manage collections with emphasis on the selection of materials in all formats for the University Libraries
  2. provide subject-oriented bibliographic instruction
  3. and to give reference assistance of a specialized subject nature

The Department builds and advocates for research level collections in specific areas with an emphasis on the Libraries’ Distinguished Collections.

Department Staff:


Aedin Clements Irish Studies Librarian 1201E Hesburgh Libraries 631-0497
David Dressing Latin American Studies Librarian 1202 Hesburgh Libraries 631-2472
Laura Fuderer Subject Librarian for English and French Literatures 1202C Hesburgh Libraries 631-5233
Hye-jin Juhn East Asian Studies Librarian 1201D Hesburgh Libraries 631-6121
Alan Krieger Theology/Philosophy Librarian 1201H Hesburgh Libraries 631-6663
Jennifer Matthews Head, Music and Media Services 1224B Hesburgh Library 631-9038
Jean McManus Catholic Studies Librarian 1201I Hesburgh Libraries 631-1703
Trudie Mullins Administrative Assistant 1201A Hesburgh Libraries 631-6257
Robert Simon Music Librarian 201 Hesburgh Library 631-2447
Marina Smyth Medieval Studies Librarian 700 Hesburgh Libraries 631-7420
David Sullivan Bibliographer for Classics and Byzantine Studies 1224B Hesburgh Libraries 631-9036


Date Last Modified: January 2, 2013