Audio, Images, Video

  • ARTstor - subscription database to images in the arts, architecture, humanities and sciences. By entering Shakespeare into the search field, over 900 images will result. Other key words to search include character names such as Ophelia or the works themselves like Hamlet.
    Furness Theatrical Image Collection - Study of Shakespeare and his contempories, English Renaissance and history of Sakespearan theatircal presentations. from Penn Libraries
    In Search of Shakespeare - Keyword search by images, video, documents/web pages. from PBS
    In Search of Shakespeare - Comparing Film Adapations; from PBS. For Educators: includes lesson plans, resources adn multimedia database.
    MIT Shakespeare Project - the site is based on digital copies of primary documents in all media, including texts, high resolution page images of early editions, digital collections of art, illustration and stage photographs, and film and performance videos. 
    Shakespeare Illustrated Harry Rusche - Emory University's work in progress explores nineteenth-century paintings, criticism and productions of Shakespeare's plays and their influences on one another.
    Shakespeare Staging - Typical clip scenes are drawn from representative plays, as a major part of a planned anthology of classic performances of scenes from the principal plays associated with Shakespeare. Highlights include Richard III, Othello, Heny V, Macbeth, King Lear and Midsummer's Night Dream.
    Shakespeare Quartos Archive - British Library's updated website with fourteen quarto editions not in the Library's collection. The site reproduces at least one copy of each edition of William Shakespeare's plays printed in quarto before the threatres closed in 1642.