UCL Membership, 2016-2017

The University Committee on Libraries reviews policies and practices relating to library resources and services and provides oversight of the development of the Hesburgh Libraries. It constitutes a principal interface among the campus units responsible for providing information resources and services, and also serves as a communications link between the Libraries and the University community.

The Committee consists of the University Librarian, the director of the Law Library, the chief information officer or his/her designee, and 13 others: one elected by and from the teaching and research faculty of the Law School, the Mendoza College of Business, the College of Engineering, the College of Science, the division of the humanities of the College of Arts and Letters, the division of social sciences of the College of Arts and Letters, and the School of Architecture together with the division of the arts of the College of Arts and Letters; one elected by and from the faculty of the University Libraries; three elected at large by and from the teaching and research faculty of the University; and two student members. Student members are selected annually according to procedures approved by the committee. Elected members serve staggered three-year terms.

The committee annually appoints a chair from the elected members. It meets at least twice each semester, publishes its approved minutes, and reports annually to the Academic Council.


Matt Barrett
Law School (Law, expires ‘16/’17)

Kenneth Christensen
Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Science (Science, T&R Faculty, expires '18/'19)

Susan Collins
Political Science (Arts and Letters, expires '18/'19)

David Dressing
Hesburgh Libraries (expires '16/'17)

Edmund Edmonds Aug-Dec, 2016
Kresge Law Library (Ex Officio)

Christopher Fox
English (Arts and Letters, T&R Faculty at-large, expires ‘17/’18)

Mike Hildreth
Physics (Science, T&R Faculty at-large, expires '16/'17)

Barry Keating
Finance (Business, expires ‘16/’17)

Dwight King Jan-June, 2017
Kresge Law Library (Ex Officio)

Ron Kraemer
Office of Information Technology (Ex Officio)

Marya Lieberman, Chair
Chemistry & Biochemistry (Science, T&R Faculty at-large, expires ‘16/’17)

Thomas Marullo
German & Russian Languages & Literature, (Arts & Letters, T&R Faculty at-large, expires '16/'17)

Heather Minor
Art, Art History and Design (Architecture, Arts and Letters, expires ‘17/’18)

Eva Niklinska
Undergraduate Student Representative (expires '16/'17)

Pierpaolo Polzonetti
Program of Liberal Studies, (Humanities, Arts & Letters, expires '16/'17)

Heather Roberts Stanfiel
Graduate Student Representative (expires '16/'17)

Diane Parr Walker
Hesburgh Libraries (Ex Officio)

Past Membership

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