Seal of Charles the Bold

Holding Institution: Archives Nationales (Paris)
Catalog number: F107
Date: 1468
Location: Burgundy

Size: 115 mm

Personal seal
Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy

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 Equestrian in profile to the right, holding a sword and a shield with three other shields bearing coats of arms to the left, underneath are flowers and fighting animals; appended to pledge by the duke to protect the churches of Cambrai

 [sigillum K]aroli dei gracia burgundie lo[tharingie brabancie li]mburgie et lucemburgie ducis fl[andrie arthesii b]urgundie palatini [hannonie] zeelandie et namurci comitis sacri imperii marcionis domini frisie de salinis et de mechlinia

 Demay, Germain. Inventaire des sceaux de la Flandre. Paris : Imprimerie nationale, 1873.