Sixth Seal of Paris

Holding Institution: Archives Nationales (Paris)
Catalog number: D5585
Date: 1412-1416
Location: Paris

Size: 50 mm

Municipal seal

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 Vessel with full rigging, sail raised, charged with three fleurs de lis and surrounded by two others; with a castle on the stern and on the prow; appended to several acts: October 1412, sale of a house in the college of Burgundy by a bookshop scribe in Paris, in the presence of the provost of merchants Pierre Geneien; March 1416, promise of the provost of merchants to maintain the Notre Dame bridge on which were going to be assembled the buildings from which the revenues would belong to the city of Paris

 [legend missing]

 Douët-d'Arcq, L. Collection de sceaux. Paris : H. Plon, 1863-1868.