Descriptive Remarks on Illuminations in Certain Ancient Irish Manuscripts, by J.H. Todd

Date of Publication: 1869
Publisher: Nichols and Sons, London (Great Britain) for the Society of Antiquaries
Chromolithography: Storch & Kramer, Berlin (Germany)

By the time J.H. Todd published his study of Irish illuminations, the techniques of chromolithography had much improved, as can be seen from this magnificent reproduction of the Chi-Rho page of the Book of Kells. To be sure, the work was done by one of the best firms specializing in color reproduction at that time: Storch & Kramer of Berlin (Germany) -- working from a copy by Margaret Stokes.

When it comes to distinguishing the detail of the interlaced ornament, this technique seems more effective than the realistic approach of the full facsimile of the Book of Kells.


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