Chronik des Constanzer Concils, by Ulrich von Richtental

Printed in Augsburg (Germany), 1536

Date of Publication of the Facsimile: 1936
Publisher: F.W. Hendel Verlag, Meersburg am Bodensee (Germany)
Lithography: Offizin Fischer & Kürsten, Leipzig (Germany)
Painting by Hand: Kunstanstalt Walter Vogel, Leipzig (Germany)

The original is an early illustrated printed copy of the Aulendorfer Manuscript of the German Chronicle of the Council of Constance (1414-1418) by Ulrich von Richtental, an essential source of information on events and participants at this important ecclesiastical gathering. This book is of great interest to those studying heraldry, since it shows the crests of most of the important houses in Europe at the time, as well as those of church dignitaries.

This facsimile is especially interesting in that the color has been painted in by hand, on every single printed sheet, in the manner of those early printed books to which color was subsequently added to the illustrations, as required.

fol.  19v
fol. 19v

fol.  20r
fol. 20r

fol. 186v
fol. 186v

fol. 187r
fol. 187r


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