Mathematics Tutors at the O'Meara Mathematics Library

The O'Meara Mathematics Library staff are pleased to announce that beginning Sunday, Jamuary 20 a mathematics tutor will be available from 7pm to 11pm in the Mathematics Library, Lower Level Hyaes-Healy Center.

Tutors are available to help *any* undergraduate who's having trouble with mathematics.

Tutoring can be scheduled for an individual or a small group for half-hour sessions. Interested students can email (, phone (631-7278) or stop by the O'Meara Mathematics Library to schedule a time. If a session is arranged in advance there will be a better chance of getting help at the time needed.

When scheduling, students will be asked to provide their names and the name of their class. It would also be help to explain briefly what sort of help they're looking for. Specifics will give the tutor time to prepare in advance of the session.

The tutors will also try to accommodate drop-in students.

The tutors are available to help with assignments or questions, not to do homework or repeat lectures that students missed.