The word microform is defined as "an arrangement of images reduced in size,"  (http://www.dictionary.com).  Three different kinds of microforms are microfilm, microfiche, and microcard.  The microforms can be accessed any time the library is open, the hours for the building can be found here.  If you need assistance with the collections, you may see our staff during our service desk hours.  Instructions on how to use the microform equipment can be found here, and instructions are also located beside the reader/printers in the Lower Level. 

Microfilm Collection

Microfilm is defined as "film on which materials are photographed at greatly reduced size," (http://www.dictionary.com).  Microfilm is on a reel and is either 32mm or 16mm in size.  The microfilm can be found in the tall cabinets to the left of the Lower Level Staff Office (the office is located directly behind the Lower Level Service Desk) and is organized by microfilm number.  The ends of the rows of cabinets are labeled with the microfilm number range located in that section.  The drawers in the cabinets slide open and are labeled with their particular contents. 

Microfiche Collection

Microfiche is defined as "a small sheet of microfilm on which many pages of material have been photographed," (http://www.dictionary.com).  Our microfiche collections are flat, rectangular pieces of film and come in three sizes: 4x6, 4x5, and 3x5.  The microfiche are located to the left of the Lower Level Service Desk in the shorter cabinets.  The cabinets are labeled on top of the cabinets to designate the start of a specific collection and on the fronts of the cabinets and the fiche are organized in alphabetical order by title or author last name.  The government document microfiche are arranged in SuDoc Number order and are located in cabinets along the perimeter of the microfiche area.

Microcard Collection

A microcard is the same thing as a microfiche but instead of being printed on a piece of film, the works are printed on a card.  The microcards in our collection come in two sizes: 6x9 and 3x5.  The 3x5 microcards are filed in cabinets in the same area as the microfiche and these cabinets are labeled accordingly.  The 6x9 microcards are located near the oversize collections in the Lower Level and can be found on the map to the Lower Level here.

Microform Guides Collection

Located in the Lower Level directly across from the microfilm cabinets, the microform guides collection are just some of the guides and indices to the microform collections housed in the Lower Level.  They are in the process of being assigned call numbers and arranged in call number order.  There are indices for some of our titles located in Reference as well.  Such titles include the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and London Times.   If you have any questions about any microform guides for any of our microform titles, please ask one of our staff members.