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In Spring 2006, nearly 2800 students, faculty, and staff completed the LibQUAL+ survey. The links below lead to several documents that summarize the results and initial findings for the 2006 survey.

The University of Notre Dame Libraries would like to thank everyone who responded to the survey and provided insight into areas where continual improvements can be made. We value your feedback and will continue to analyze the results as part of our ongoing assessment activities.


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Ratings by Theme



Library Users Speak Up 

Over 1000 people included comments with their surveys. Most of the survey comments fall into one of the five categories below, with over 300 comments dealing with the library facilities, including the availability of study space. To read the comments by user group for each of the five categories (In Excel), click on the links below.  We will continue to evaluate the comments in order to identify major themes and begin responding to areas of concern.


Comments by category and user group ( In Excel)

Information access & control
(collections, catalog, website, etc)

Faculty Undergrads Graduates

Library as Place
(facilities, study space, lighting, etc.)

Faculty Undergrads Graduates

Affect of Service
(helpfulness of staff, friendliness, responsiveness, etc.)

Faculty Undergrads Graduates
Library Hours
Faculty Undergrads Graduates
Library Policies
(enforcement of library recall policy, food & drink policy, etc.)
Faculty Undergrads Graduates


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