Library Instruction Task Force 2000-2001


Selected Comments from Questionnaire

"I would like a tour or at least an explanation of all the floors and the major sections that apply to me as a freshman. Also, I would like a demonstration of the computer research that reflects something I, a FRESHMAN, would do. Not a big winded deal, just a review on the parts that are immediately useful for me."

"I think we need a tour, not a presentation."

"Where everything physically is. The demo didn't include a tour, or even a map, of the library."

"I would have liked to have had a more hands on in class with the Instructional. I would like to know in general more about finding different sources."

"If you do presentations, don't make them bland. Make them interactive."

"Tour would have been helpful, rather than an impersonal tour of the library web page for 1 hour - it proved useless."

"It would be great if there was a handout on how to use the library resources both online and those in the building like microfilm, locating books, etc. A handout similar to what OIT has in the computer clusters, possibly."

"Clearer explanation of how to find things. We did not go on a tour of the building, which would have been helpful."

"I think a handout telling us how to use the online resources and electronic databases would be helpful." "I would like to know how the journal section is organized."

"I thought the tour was helpful, but it was too rushed. To benefit even more, I think a couple days without having to cram in information would increase library use."

"I'm still not sure how to find anything through the library website, but that's what I always try."

"Maybe library maps would be helpful."

"I just need a better understanding of what's on each floor."

"I think you should take more time w/ describing how to use the library catalog and which database to search."

"The information you gave us was helpful. If you could maybe print up a one page sheet that outlines the steps to using the library databases that would be excellent."

"I thought it was a helpful session, just maybe some more hands on work would be beneficial to really get to know the different programs."

"I'm comfortable with the electronic resources - but still daunted by the huge number of paper books and how to find them."

"I often need help with keywords. I would also like to know more about the other resources in the library and how to specifically use them, such as microfilm."

"I would like to know more about the actions to take when I find a resource - but it's not available at the library. Also, knowing how to narrow my search more - to find sources located at the library."

"I think the library should offer a program that meets once a week to help with research projects. They should help you with finding good resources online and in the library."

"The library is confusing and overwhelming. The instructional session was confusing. It really didn't help much."

"I would like to know how I could get help in narrowing down my selection and refining my search to find really good articles that will go along with own research fairly well."

"How to choose keywords to search online databases to find the information I am seeking."

"I especially just need to know about finding journals."

"I would like better information about how to access the journal articles and also how to utilize the collections."

"I get the sense that there is a lot of information that I don't know how to access."

"Maybe a small booklet with details and info about the different things available via the net. Should provide it to students like a phone directory."

"I don't know where anything is in the library. Card catalog, theology books, etc. A big tour would have been helpful."

"Everything that has been presented to me has been very helpful, not much else. Maybe a better understanding of book location."

"More about electronic resources."

"The hardest part was key words to look up in order to get useful information."

"I'm still confused about locating specific journals, etc. on the catalog in the library. I'm not sure also how to do a thorough search to make sure I get all the best materials for a topic. I've also had problems still trying to use electronic resources on my own."

"I would like a map of where different subjects books are and a diagram of these locations."

"How to thinking of better key words. Finding key words."