Library Instruction Task Force 2000-2001
Focus Group Questions

1. What did you find to be the biggest challenges when faced with a research project?

2. What did you feel is the most challenging aspect in looking for information from library resources? (from computers) What would help you with your research when using library resources?

3. Are you currently aware of the electronic resources the library owns? How did you find out about resources the library owns? (Through the library instruction class? Your Professor? Friends? Asking at the Information Desk? Luck?)

4. Are you most likely to use resources you have used previously? Or use resources that you might not be familiar with or might be difficult to use, but provide more relevant information?

5. Could you please describe the best/worst experience you had while looking for information from computers or databases?

6. Did you feel that you needed to ask someone for help when conducting research on the computer? Do you feel intimidated or uncomfortable by asking for help at the Information Desk? If there is no one around to ask for help, what do you do?

7. Have your abilities to do or understand library research changed since you had library instruction? How? In what ways? What are the most useful pieces of information provided to you during your library instruction? What didn't you learn that would have been helpful?

8. How clear is the information on the University Libraries' Web page? Do you have suggestions for improvement/changes, etc.?

9. What suggestions do you have which would improve library instruction for First Year Composition or freshmen students? What do you want more of? Less of? What type of content? If an online tutorial were available, would you use it?