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Peer Teaching

The Peer Teaching Program at University Libraries of Notre Dame is designed to encourage librarians to observe, share resources and engage in conversations about their teaching.

Library Teaching Programs

  • "How to Get Good Classroom Discussion" Spring 2002 - Tom Laughner from the Kaneb Center provided us with some handouts and useful discussion on how to get our students more engaged and generate classroom discussion. He provided us with useful tips on everything from our body language, to how we introduce ourselves, to the types of questions we ask in instructional classes.
  • Chemical Information Literacy Summer 2003 - Thurston Miller's presentation to the Reference department covered the basic learning goals of a chemical information literacy program.
  • "Building a Foundation: Teaching First Year Students" Spring 2003 - the goal of this program was to provide librarians with a better understanding of the First Year Student and the tools needed to plan and teach an instructional sessions for this population. Eileen Kolman, Dean of First Year of Studies at Notre Dame, joined us to talk about the first year student. This session provided us with an introduction to who the first years students are, some of their characteristics, how they learn and how we can meet their information needs. During this program, we also identified the steps in planning an instruction session for First Year Students, how to use a lesson plan for First Year Students and how to adapt this lesson plan to fit the needs of other library instructional sessions.
  • "Active Learning in the Classroom" Fall 2004 - We heard from several colleagues and learned how they are involving students in the learning process and keeping them engaged. We gained some useful tips and hints to help us add that extra spark to our classes. We also demonstrated the new teaching tools - wireless keyboard and mouse. 
  • "Information Literacy: Up Close and Personal" Spring 2005 - Dane Ward, Associate Dean for Public Services at Milner Library, Illinois State University, and Information Literacy Immersion faculty member, presented this program to area librarians from Andrews University, Davenport University, Indiana University South Bend, Saint Mary's College and the University of Notre Dame. The goal of this program was to introduce librarians to the concept of information literacy, explain the differences between bibliographic instruction and information literacy, and to look at how to design a program that can work for our own university community.
  • ND Millennials:  Characteristics to Instructional Success Fall 2005 - presented by Joni Warner and Leslie Morgan. In a lively discussion format, Leslie and Joni presented information about the Millennials; a generation of students that have been accustomed to learning new ideas and strategies that are “active learning” focused (our current incoming freshman students as well as some of our upper level students would be considered Millennials). Information presented gave attendees the opportunity to also share their experiences of library instruction utilizing some of the active learning activities discussed in the session as well as gain some new ideas to incorporate to their present library instruction sessions.

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